Personally closed his forum blood sacrifice their own feelings and experiences

today, I closed a forum with my own hands and wept tears to talk about my experiences and share my experiences.

from contact discuz really began to be from the university period, the friend did three school organization forum, invited me to be moderator in the past, so this is half an entry. He is studying computer science itself, so their own after simple learning doesn’t own up. From then on, I got out of hand and played ten big and small forums. Basically, every field has been done as long as I’m interested in it, from PR0 to PR4. But I still admit that I’m a loser.

do local forums and put up with all kinds of stress every day. Mainly from Baidu exhaust, often in the evening before going to sleep, ranking also OK, and the results of the second day early in the morning. Although I was quite popular for a year, I closed him off myself.

just talked about all kinds of pressure, and there is a lack of understanding from the local Internet screen. Many times, we see more and return less. I believe that there must be many forums are facing such a problem! There is rubbish information around, on this point, with DZ friends all know.


doesn’t talk about it. Let’s talk about the experience we’ve made in the past few years, so as to dedicate ourselves to friends who have the background and strength to be a local website.

said the station is now very difficult to do, but not many birds are still in doing! I want to ask why?

many very beginning webmaster friends often ask some questions, now what station can make money, more money way? I borrowed a brother oak ho sentence to answer this question: "if you know what station to make money, I’m still waiting to tell you!"; many birds are also used to be a net useful content, good quality of the station so perfunctory you.

veteran talking, to say

what is useful for web names,

with content?

all walks of life, there are professional industry stations, there are vertical portal. Which is not relatively saturated?. Others have column editor, industry art, thematic support, the entire network of publicity coverage. How can we do that,


so rookie is still rookie

after a Roma today personally closed the station, just summarize the history of


local forum, what is the future, what kind of people do not say, take a look at the external environment, basically every one or two levels of the city, there are no small ten community websites. Get on, his growth squeezed most of the local community forum, so after Roma turned cell network. But good times don’t last long with a huge, their capital, technology, human also began to get involved, and soon the forum members seriously, that the result of today; grassroots webmaster, did not point back.