Who will set off the climax of the local gateway

local portal market development degree is determined by the supply and demand situation, there has been a user of regional demand, sites are only temporarily induction, realize small part of the demand and the corresponding business value, resulting in a serious shortage of supply. In addition to the oversupply of news and information, the supply of physical demand and behavioral needs is extremely poor. Vertical industry websites are too superstitious about their power, too much emphasis on control, no sense of cooperation with local resources.

site in the national open hand do not understand the place waver in determination, the regional market, on the other hand, the portal site in the local portal success will appear, to squeeze, by virtue of the brand, capital, manpower, copy the "blog" in the field of success, blog is a media form of community products, natural and easy copy. The above mentioned some successful cases of local portal website, the success of the logic of the online resources under the line, integration, to match life circle, users in the local working circle, than its line of life, needs more convenient and rich choice. This kind of demand, user stickiness, user habits can not be overturned a short time.

is the main problem of the existing local web site positioning, backward management idea, management quality should be changed; management and product planning, the development of a serious shortage of talent; local portal development theory and corresponding to advertisers, investors lack professional atmosphere.

the climax of a new round of local websites, will be nearly a year or two, from the original traditional media investment sites and vertical industry sites, may be launched in the central and Eastern regions.

received a strong financial support of the industry vertical portal in the local expansion efforts, will further stimulate the local portal speed, regional market may be fully developed in two or three years, four or five years have great commercial value.

The traditional media advertising market in the central region of

is narrow and eager to change its way out. At the same time, because of the cruel competition, the market consciousness is very strong. The first awakening is a higher degree of market media investment website, to enhance the quality of products, their forum on the one hand, increase the influence and development flow, concentrate on web products, on the other hand, build a service platform for life. Xiaoxiang Morning News’s red net is one of the pioneers, although more websites have recently received considerable investment from the press group, but still exert themselves in news and information, which makes people worried.

eastern region because the market space is large, the network users are more intensive, the local industry website for customer education has been a certain time, the market cultivation and accumulation process is about to be completed. At the same time, the eastern website pays more attention to the construction of service information products, and enhances the interactive function of the products and the construction of the management team, and the performance should make great progress.

removal of the original local web site force, the vertical industry portal after a large amount of money invested, but also to accelerate the expansion of part of the local website to stimulate development. In September 2006, SouFun was bought by Australia Telecom for $254 million, with a 51% stake in subsequent exchanges