The seven thing to remember is your website

many webmaster hard to do a web site, just want to have a lot of users to visit, can use the flow to bring advertising, add extra income. But the website is coming out and there are so few people visiting it. It’s really annoying. Here is a summary of how to make people remember their web site.

1, to have a simple domain name

domain name is equivalent to a person, there must be simple and clear, if you get too complicated, in order to show the personality of a long bunch of middle, plus a "-" to connect the estimate can remember fewer people, let alone a landing can not remember all the good a few times Lenz is remember that the domain name, the domain name can not blame others is too complicated


! What is more to a two level domain, this estimate let not remember, if you want people to remember your station directly put forward a simple domain name like hao123, remember that a lot of people.


2. template is not too generic,

if a Rajput domain can make people remember the words that a common template let people soon forgotten, you cannot directly apply online templates and even the family’s LOGO does not modify ah, there are others in several sites have encountered such a problem, you apply the you will also want to design their own things ah, also force fit stodgily directly to get down.

3, the title of the website should be a little louder than

if your website title is too common, others do, others make a topic you then also made a same topic, don’t let others come to the station, is that you don’t want to see direct estimation? If you imitate others LOGO to imitate others topic, this website who remember


4, the content should be exquisite,

is a web site success is the key, if you turn to a post in several forums, as a key content to your website, that the author is really Speechless, other do not say you can only say that the webmaster do too negligent, that no patient, never mind the key content, also don’t make others look like this ah, if you want people to remember your site you need to spend bit of idea and experience to find good content, good article, time to let others look to have a sense of bright eyes. It’s hard to remember your website without thinking about it.

5, navigation must not obscure

, if someone else enters your website, you can’t see the gist of your website, it can only show that your website has failed. At least, in navigation, it has been unable to remember. Good navigation to allow people to come in, you can see what the content of the site, the main push what plate, so as to allow others to enter your site, there is a good impact.