ncrease site traffic by relying on external links

The chain

site has been the biggest concern of the webmaster, every day of the posts, links, after all is to increase the number of the chain, to improve the ranking. Admittedly, currently in the Baidu and Google, the website chain weight is very heavy. But if we carefully analyze and understand the various characteristics of the chain weight, so as to make the outside chain, the effect of natural double.

1, select the link time, a very important premise is the first to one of the most conducive to their own web site search engine website name, the average person would directly take the name of the site, in fact, you do this with the SEO is the same reason, such as a net, when we do not know the record what is the net when, if you use the "web site optimization" or "Google optimization" in the text of the Links effect obviously is much better.

2, webmaster love to link site with a site map, this is a serious mistake, the picture links are not to be accepted by the search engine, the effect is poor, and the text link is very easy to be accepted by the search engine. There are a lot of links, text links > picture link > JS link…. usually, the best text links, if there is to do image links, it is purely for the whole page beautiful, oh, when do the best picture link with ALT text labels, not recommended JS links, the few search engines, go.

3, the chain should pay attention to links before, must find out whether the other side of the web site was included in the search engine, not with K was the exchange of Web links, this will only harm their own web site.

4, the chain is not too much, but better, preferably with their own web site of the same type or PR higher web links, so that help search engines included. For the new station is not with the same site to connect, because if you do not stand good than others, your traffic will be those who do better than your site to rob the past, which is a blend of Internet friends for many years of practical experience, this is very important, please remember. If you are a mature site, then you must choose links related sites do links, and sometimes their competitors site can do, cooperation can win.

5, we all know how the search engines look at friendship connections? Baidu values the quality of external connections; Google values the amount of friendship on the basis of the quality of the external connections; Yahoo values the quality of external connections more than Baidu does. Trying to submit to a large catalog, which not only gets high-quality backlinks, but doesn’t cost anything.

6, the PR value of the high web site is not necessarily good! To find their own site related to do the connection is the best, PR the higher the better! PR higher, relatively speaking, the more valuable link. The same applies to key word rankings