Crazy guess again verify small Adsense can profit by hot spots

today’s Internet almost every day amidst the winds of change, new product launches, the network has the emergence of new hot spots; and the Internet have thousands on thousands of practitioners, they are well aware of these changes, every small change they are particularly sensitive; although they are very aware of these things, and often get talk about these things, but to really use these hot rarely. Most of them see others make good use of it, and then imitate other people’s ways of using it. As a result, imitators have a large number of them, but few of them succeed. Most of them follow the trend of the current.

said, I have a profound understanding, because I have recently really practiced this way, and really achieved very good results. You may have heard of crazy guess figure of the game, it is by Beijing Hao Teng garshin software limited company developed a novel guess figure this puzzle game, the biggest bright spot is to continue to expand the knowledge of the game player and interactive, focused on leisure. This game has recently spread in the WeChat social networking platform is very hot, so hot keywords related to soar, and even some Baidu keyword index has exceeded its own, such as "real time Baidu index crazy guess the key figure answers" for 200000, more than the "crazy guess figure 150000 itself, of course there are other Raiders keywords heat is very high. This shows that this game is really fire, and there are many sites dedicated to providing users with the game’s surrounding services, such as providing answers, players, Raiders and so on.

graph 1:" crazy guessing answer " Baidu index

graph 2:" crazy guessing " Baidu index

of course, the author also seize this opportunity, determined to do a related service site. According to the characteristics of the game is easy to play when choosing a domain name to abandon those strange short domain name, and direct selection of crazy guess map spelling net domain name; then in the target keywords choose high heat crazy guess map "," crazy guess figure answers "," crazy guess figure. "These three words; the final content mainly provide answers, guess guess figure figure Raiders and related information.

look at the newly founded 10 days of my website "masterpiece", generally speaking a ten day website can be included in Baidu, are very good, but through the ChinaZ Webmaster Tools query results, but to my surprise. First of all, because it is a new station, so in the various search engines included in the number is not very high, such as Baidu only a few. But Baidu snapshot updated every day, the most important Baidu weight is 4, this data in general web site for a year or even longer, not necessarily can reach this level, for average people >