Experience in A5 learning website promotion

first of all, let me introduce you. I am the first student of the webmaster website special training class. They have been here for 3 days, learned a lot on the Internet at home did not learn the experience of the first phase of the morning after our students and the teacher’s iron kite "fierce" exchange, we get a lot of promotion of magic, The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea, each one has his good points. Adsense is sharing, then will improve, below I put some better promotion method list, and share with you.

one, local (rental) website promotion method

if you have a house to rent or sell, what are you going to do? Certainly cannot do without typing copy shop, so we can store copy typing and local cooperation, and the boss about where he printed Qiuzu rental housing, you let them in on your website is a registration, registration for a typed copy shop owner XX Commission (or monthly) as to how to pay this, you think what kind of good, with what kind of. Another is to put your ads near typing, copy shops, doorways, or stations, where your real user base is.

two, fake news push hype means

is now commonly used means of soft Wen promotion is the webmaster, basically every webmaster will send some soft Wen to promote your website, but now many webmaster write text are based on experience, the story of this website website topic to write, but I think this article is a webmaster, it is the real user do not see these articles, in the webmaster type website AD own website, imitation and acquisition will only encounter more stationmaster, also not the real users, the IP on your website has no meaning. We can use the false news, false news of this not too far, I share 2 false news to share with you:

three, QQ type website uses QQ space promotion method

general QQ type of website is basically some QQ code, pictures and other related websites. As we all know, QQ type of website user group is QQ space users, we can directly in other people’s QQ space message board posted their own address, and some beautiful description text. Of course, it is also a great risk to do so, for example, a new domain name, you send your address in the QQ space message version, you can directly point in, do not need to confirm, if you long time the release of Tencent must take action, the horse is not left oil lamp. Of course, you can also use your previously discarded garbage domain name, waste gas domain name to do >