How to operate and popularize the website at the beginning

if you are a webmaster friend who has experienced the initial development of the website, then congratulations, this is a good thing. Can witness a process from scratch, what kind of planning, implementation, so that the site has reached such a point. Although you may have headaches, the site is initially difficult to develop or worry about how to operate and promote, but seriously walk through this step, you will grow back. I engaged in SEO work for 4 years, took over many websites, today to share, at the beginning of the website, how I operate the promotion of the site.

1. Analyze site positioning and fill in content

site positioning is different, the planning and operation will be greatly different. If a website is an enterprise site, then the content can not be too hasty, you can fill a few original or pseudo original articles every day. Develop its key words and brand building. If the website is a platform or a portal network, it will require a great deal of article content at the beginning of its establishment. This requires proper collection and modification. For example, a hand travel site, its huge content needs to choose competitors site acquisition resources, and then modify the filling site.

, a lot of people here might judge such sites as garbage sites. But when done properly, websites can thrive. In the case of fiction, the content of the joke is so small, but by combining, they are attached to the original tag.

two, analysis target group

It is self-evident

target groups, because they are interested in different things, we need to match up, understand them, to understand the website development route. The analysis of target groups need to be subdivided, not only the male or female or between the small way. What they need to do is that they have a group of common interests, what characteristics they have and what kind of content can capture their eyeballs. So, here need webmaster friend, oneself need to have strong analysis ability.

three, promotion clear

in the case of mobile Internet so hot, we have to put into its embrace, but you will find that mobile Internet is a new platform. To be successful either foot on the field early, or there is a profound and well-known enterprises. And we webmaster, need to do is not two grasping, but specialized in their own PC platform, only to make your website famous enough, so that the mobile terminal can be ripe for development.

four, search engine promotion method

many webmaster mistakenly think that search engine promotion is website promotion of all, because the current exposure to most of the promotion is SEO, so easy to form thinking set. Of course, there are many online articles have said that the network promotion is not only SEO, and I just talk about the fine way of promotion of SEO, these are the more effective methods I believe.

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