How to create original articles so that search engines included

webmaster all know, search engine is relatively high for the weight of the original article, also advocated "content is king", but everyone, every webmaster really have that much of the original article, answer the question of whether or not! Is a writer or a gunman, can not be so fast, impossible to write every day dozens of the contents of the original article, the so-called "the world is a big copy" is also the principle.


E network in the leopard Wenyuan would like to say here is to learn to produce their own original articles. Secretary friends know what is produced with the creative production! Is completely different, like the discovery and invention of the same reason, making is based on the material, and the creation of it may be built on the author’s own ideas on. The writing is too difficult, too high level, our webmaster has not so much time and energy, like me, even writing level is not good, what I want to say now is to make. Is the production of the original, pseudo original! How to make original? I think, pseudo original is nothing more than in the text to add, delete, modify, call operation, the purpose is to let the search engine think this article is original. And let the search engine think you are original words, there is also a principle, rules, usually all have a degree. Then, how does the search engine judge the original article? Where is his degree?

I am

from observation for several months, the judgment standard of search engine should have the following it, this is my opinion, for reference only, not aguirre.

is the search engine to compare the content of the page. As a "A" and B, a search engine to find the two page, it will first page content part is divided into several separate blocks, then compares these blocks, each block if the content is basically the same words, so that a search engine will think this is a two page reprint each other. For example, I used to reprint an article, only in the final published his sentence emotion results included in the search engine, is shown in me this sentence emotion, other content in the engine is not shown, it is obvious that he is after careful comparison, ha ha.

two is the search engine, the same article with the earliest time for the original. Search engine comparison of web content, found two pages of the same content, the search engine will be based on the page income time to determine which one is the original content? Generally, the time for the original, but because some website weight is very high, an article published by the same. This article from another site included slow, and the search engine that is copied and not included, this is another of his principles. This is like a piece of news, the same content, weight high website ranking high in Baidu, Google also included early, but you are not well-known websites, is that information is the earliest known early release, not included is of no use, other sites included, it is his greatest. That is the original weight high website. So the last criterion is weight,