Grassroots Adsense how can you succeed in the face of the face

 :        ;     according to statistics by the relevant departments, the number of Chinese personal websites has exceeded 30 million, becoming an economic force that should not be underestimated. There are so many personal websites, but the ones that are really big or successful are numbered.

is currently mainly concentrated area network business owners, the small industry website, mobile phone, PDA, hardware, tools, software, local website, professional website, service website, commercial website.

1, locate

1, the future of the website. The positioning of the site directly affect the day after the profit model, so the direction of development, website audience plays a decisive role.

2, its own advantages. See what advantages you have, such as manpower, material resources, financial resources, resources, etc..

competitors. You can search for competitors that your web site is facing or will face, and use the SWOT rule to study them. (SWOT means strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats)

operability. If you want to do a local portal, you need to consider a lot of things, such as funds, technology, operations, promotion, marketing, etc., no money is not terrible, no one is the most terrible. Profit model. The website’s profit model determines the development trend of the website. For now, 90% of the personal Adsense is profit by advertising.

two, focus on

concentration is the key to success. Whatever you do, you need concentration. Website service content and product do specially, do fine, the service orientation is more accurate.

three, stick to

, persevere, Little strokes fell great oaks. Dripping water wears through a stone. tell people the need to adhere to.

is not only a man, but also a website. Quoted Ma’s words: "today is very cruel, tomorrow is very cruel, most people die in the evening tomorrow, can not see the day after tomorrow’s sun."".

four, and other points of attention,

1, the Internet wants to solve the problem is to make people can afford, can use well, can use, and to achieve this goal, from the technical point of view, there are many problems need to be solved.

2, the website must have its own characteristic service, can form a kind of service pattern and profit pattern that suits the website itself localization.

3, do not blindly follow, looking at web games, fire, SNS fire, they all follow the dry together, and if there is no sense of innovation, blind follow, die undoubtedly.

4, do not locate inaccurate, do not want to do bigger, do all, do fine, is the fundamental way.

five, local website

1, local group buying network

2, local >