Status and trend analysis of Web site navigation

for site navigation, I think many of my friends are not unfamiliar to it, as we enter the Internet of this unknown world played a lead role, many just learn internet friends are obtained through the web site. At the same time for many webmaster, site navigation has become a test of their initial access to the Internet, because the whole site navigation station mode almost, simple structure, rich Internet source, profit is relatively simple and so on, these reasons, so many new Adsense take this to your hand! This is a direct result of the site navigation station flood. Express my views on the industry, here in my humble opinion:

1, showing the overall one after another, most customers have disappeared, either the website has been scrapped open, or by their acquisition, the Matthew effect in the performance of most incisive. From here we can see that the cruelty of the competition of navigation websites will disappear every year, and a large number of them will get up every year at the same time.

2, blindly imitate, do not want to innovate. Because many webmaster is holding since thought in doing this kind of website, so don’t spend too much time in development, and the successful case (hao123 265) and users have become accustomed to the webmaster personal feeling of this kind of Web innovation space is not much. At the same time, the audience of these websites are newcomers to the Internet, and there is not much demand for the product. The two points directly lead to web site navigation developers reluctant to innovate.

3, desperately seeking big perfectionist, many from the navigation station description and title in the remarkable, shouting "the largest and most complete best · · · · ·" the slogan, with my friends is the word "now the site navigation network revolution is out of order All flowers bloom together. with vigour and vitality all sorts of strange things · · · get to make the same navigation web portal".

4 Web site navigation and visualization of the NetEase since the day A new force suddenly rises., recommended kadaza site navigation station visualization of Holland, the owners like to seize the last straw, so all kinds of visualization site navigation advertised himself as a pioneer and leader in the full up again like a swarm of bees, confirms the second point, exaggerated.

5, the localization of the vertical little Nadechushou to many industries, the prophet said a long time ago, site navigation localization and vertical type will be very fire, but experts, experts believe that if you are · · · · · · appears in every webmaster wait, waiting for someone to innovation, I will imitate, anyway, the environment is such, no face face.

6, the site navigation of life navigation is a trend, but no one has been practicing for the time being, because the domestic Internet has been turned from entertainment to application