Taobao customers how to choose businesses to ensure long term stability CommissionTaobao five crown

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Taobao customers, for businesses, is indeed a very good promotion channels. From the point of view of Taobao shop, the cost of driving through the train and the cost of Taobao passengers is very large difference, if you can reasonably use Taobao customer publicity, to bring the interests of the shop is not small. As a guest of Taobao webmaster, is facing a problem, how to choose these shop publicity, how to find those willing to invest long time Taobao customers, and know how to operate the shopkeeper. Don’t just charge commissions as the first element of your choice. Long term stable commission income is what you should consider.

3. Commission notice, do not look at half points, than

to "open" mentality of online business

on Taobao, the seller’s credit line is escalating according to customer reviews, from hearts to diamonds, and then to the crown, and finally to the golden crown, while each upgrade takes five stages. At present, Taobao double gold crown seller has three, five crown women’s clothing sellers have 11, and many comprehensive sales of women’s clothing, cosmetics and food five crown seller. The reporters found that most of the total credit crown seller in more than 200 thousand, that is to say the total volume in the shop are at least more than 200 thousand single.

sales are store sales reflect, but also to see Taobao customers data, many single product monthly sales in tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of, this kind of goods mostly belong to lose weight, breast enhancement, acne and so on. Such goods, Taobao promotion desire is also very strong, shops will continue to carry out Taobao passenger. However, the competitiveness can be imagined, to do such a single product, it takes a lot of time to maintain, it is not worth the candle. Second, many new stores attract Taobao customers with high commissions, and these stores are selling very little, most of which are not sustainable.

Qi Jun’s "shiny snapdragon" is also a husband and wife shop, initially their store only fifty or sixty kinds of goods, one day sales of five hundred or six hundred yuan, net profit of about one hundred yuan. And has operated for more than three years, shop >


shop is not in mind to do Taobao customers, you can from a number of aspects of inspection, shop activity is one of them. Taobao customers don’t necessarily earn profits from commission. Many stores often organize Taobao activities. Such as gift iPhone, game bonus. If you are a full-time Taobao, you must not miss these opportunities. Participate in activities at the same time, but also look at all previous activities of the shop, but also reflects the credibility of the shop side.

today to share with you how Taobao choose your promotional products and stores.

Taobao’s promotion involves all aspects of the network. We can’t make all of our own things. A lot of things will be taken into consideration by the Taobao store. The key is your promotional material, advertising map, BBS signature, soft text and so on. If these shops are well prepared and regularly updated, Taobao’s promotional role will be greatest, "Taobao customers"

2. shops have no guest

"launched" shop expansion of the main mode of

Taobao online five crown above the level of shops have a certain scale, from supply, sales to after-sale, formed a corporate management model, some shop also built factories. Many shop is the first wife of entrepreneurship, the development of a certain size to join her husband, "launched" the shop is bigger.

1. look at sales, avoid extreme

lemon green tea is the first double gold crown shop on Taobao. Zhang Dinghua, the owner of Shanghai, graduated from the Department of traditional Chinese medicine of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. After graduating from college in 2003, Zhang Dinghua entered Shanghai as a health care company as a telephone sales and customer consultant. Because she was interested in cosmetics, she opened a cosmetics shop after work. "In 2003, online shopping is still in its infancy in China, I was just holding entertainment mentality of part-time shop, serendipitously."


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also to open shop there are five crown sellers mentality of "bright snapdragon" owner Qi Jun. Qi Jun is a Nanjing girl, 25 years old, in 2005, the University third grade, she opened an online shop in, was free time, set up shop is to pass the time. Qi Jun’s relatives run a cosmetics store, Qi Jun as a source of goods, cosmetics business, and later gradually introduced clothing, jewelry and so on.

online shopping popular at the same time, online shop has become a popular way of entrepreneurship for many young people. How to open shop can get much profit? The highest level of reporter Taobao online sellers and five double crown crown seller survey number, net profit of five crown seller a year to reach about 1000000 yuan, double crown sellers are developed into the group management mode of hundreds of people.

Zhang Dinghua’s husband is Wang Weidong, and his friends are used to calling them "male lemons" and "female green tea"". The original shop only Zhang Dinghua one person management, a year later, the store business is very hot, Wang Weidong resigned from the rich L’OREAL group financial director duties, and Zhang Dinghua run together "husband and wife shop"". The division of labor between the two is gradually clear, Zhang Dinghua is responsible for procurement and sales and other business work, Wang Weidong is responsible for personnel and administrative management.

Taobao guest home appears recommendation shop, often can see similar Commission proportion. 40%, it can be considered very high in Taobao. But look at the unit price, the creative gift shop, everything is only 10-30 dollars. And some commodities, such as electrical appliances, the unit price is more than 1000 yuan, 10% commission ratio, you can earn more than 100 yuan to sell a single profit. When you choose goods, you should also pay attention to the profit margin of commission.

4. store have enough material for Taobao