shlf1314 AdSense limits the impact of clicking on the areaOnline new regulations accused young youth


was originally the entire advertising area, including background space, advertising descriptions, and can now be clicked with only banner titles and urls.


Beijing "shop run as" policy implementation in August 1st, there have been some shop could not carry, began to "Xueben sale", ready to shut down.

1 improve user experience;

limits the clickable area of the ads and reduces the number of hits that are not valid. The percentage of unexpected hits is reflected in the background report of AdSense, which is a drop in click rate. Originally more formal release advertising Adsense, click rate dropped very little, or basically can’t see change, and some webmaster, drop is obvious.

"that’s as expected."." An e-commerce site responsible person interviewed by reporters said, "now selling goods sellers are because the news is not uniform and confused.". The official told reporters that the State Administration for Industry and Commerce and the Beijing Administration for Industry and commerce, as well as the statements made by various industrial and commercial offices were not unified, even before and after the same department heads were inconsistent.

2 reduce invalid clicks;

network has more people against the shop the new regulations, a website survey, 9 users involved in the investigation against the "shop run as" the implementation, there are more than 8 of the netizens think the new shop in the present stage implementation will stifle the enthusiasm of the seller. Experts also have objections, in July 31st, Jiang Qiping, Lv Benfu, Zhao Tingchao, Lu Qijun and other 11 experts jointly called for the suspension of the implementation of the new regulations online shop. In August 3rd, Ma Yun, chairman of the board of directors of the Alibaba, said that the current new regulations on online shops were concerned and that they had reached an understanding of the intentions of the relevant departments and asked them to rest assured. More media bold speculation, Beijing shop new regulations may suspend execution.


"I am determined not to register, it is impossible to shut the shop, continue to return to work, or go back home to open an entity shop."." Today, lovesngo, a shopkeeper at Taobao, told reporters. Lovesngo, who lives in Beijing, runs a full-time job on cosmetics at Taobao. She is the object of the new regulations.

‘s purpose is to "shop run as a tax on tax, even if the existing shop, but only 3 to the annual income of 500 million yuan, and the" C2C "model can solve the employment of 1 million people." The e-commerce site executives said. In his view, the number of college graduates in recent years has reached a new high, "C2C" entrepreneurial model is a major way to solve the employment of College students.

there are several points:

so if you are hard to earn money from shlf1314 friends, I recommend you to do energy-saving, although the calculation with the female male $$2.00, $$1.00, but this in every 30 people must have a membership based on pay. Otherwise, you will be converted into a low effectiveness program, under which you can earn only $$0.30 for female members, and $$0.15 for male members. Even for inefficient programmes, income has been much higher than shlf1314, and Asia has been dating for 10 years, and its credibility is totally guaranteed.

AdSense official Blog, on the 15 release of Accidental clicks fade into the background article.

at the publisher forum, the changes caused great repercussions, many opinions, in my opinion, this is a good thing, it can improve the survival of the fittest, good website will get more revenue, while the poor quality of the site, will slowly exit from AdSense because not to earn money.

‘s views are consistent with the famous economist Wu Jinglian, who believes that the "C2C" trading platform on Taobao and other networks is the best way to solve the problem of group employment, Wu Jinglian said.

introduced the new regulations of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry has been at the cusp, and their actions are subject to national media attention. As for media speculation, Wang Jing, director of the special trade supervision and Administration Bureau of the Beijing administration of industry and commerce, today answered our reporter, "we have no new ideas about it."."

3 retain users;

Taobao’s "crown" seller "eggplant", after a year of work online shop start-ups, and now her store monthly turnover of seventy thousand or eighty thousand yuan. She said that many young people have been in the online shop to achieve the dream of entrepreneurship, if in the future there are so many restrictions on online shop, there are many disadvantages for young entrepreneurs.

don’t let users because the blank background region is not careful to advertising, and leave the site, they should stay at the publisher’s website, until they subjectively want to click on the ad, just click on the ads from the publisher’s website.

test the water for 4 days, Beijing online new regulations how effective?

reduces or limits the clickable areas of advertising, and allows you to look at the picture from the official Blog.