Startups need to be wary of 5 marketing mistakesTen kinds of methods about not deceived me

78% customers will listen to other online customers for more advice, not other resources. Whether your main marketing job is online or offline, give your client a simple, direct way to interact with you online. They give you feedback on products, pricing, and business practices. Conversely, you give them a "little talk" feedback that can turn into friendly relationships. You for your customer feedback and comments quickly, help response will make your existing customers and potential customers is impressive, and potential customers are those who investigate online reviews, decide whether they want to use your service people.


lead: in the first few years of entrepreneurship, the odds of failure are high. But if you avoid these mistakes, you might well increase your chances of success.


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this is a "search" era, and if you don’t do online marketing, you can’t sell as much as you can. According to Invesp, 80% of Internet users buy online. In addition, 81% of Internet users before buying online research products. In order for your business to thrive, your business must be convenient for consumers to do their online research and shopping. SEO work, social media marketing, cross selling across all communication channels are absolutely important for improving network visibility.

three: become a soft Wen writers, as long as you write articles, you can love code lattice to each big soft network application software writers, generally paid are relatively rich

3. can’t take advantage of the future


eight: sh419 bid to make money, this project is a long-term, mainly by sh419 to spend money to buy some popular advertising, and then transferred to the home, through the post to make money, the main difficulty lies in the key words.

is admirable for entrepreneurs. Although the probability of success is simply too small, but there are still entrepreneurs one after another, there are still companies also continue to win. So, there will be a problem, those companies fail because of what failure? Because entrepreneurs are determined, bold, competitive, but they also have a need to run a successful business, personal quality.

media exposure, news releases, traditional PR, social media, and even print media marketing should be embedded with strong online elements. For example, many companies are now implanting QR code and the image of social media into their print ads because they know more and more people will find their online business. The more SEO activities and marketing work intersect, the more network visibility you’ll get.

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1. online market failure.

since the garlic and ginger your army, our people’s life is more difficult now, what are the prices, what oil price increases, the price of an article, is our pocket did not rise, how to do, so many people think the Internet looking for living expenses, but the Internet the work are often very deceptive, in order to let these people on the Internet can easily earn money, I give you summed up the following ten methods but true Wangzhuan, we hope to be able to help


five: make money off of Taobao, is currently a popular website model, Taobao also has a bigger passenger, either through open web site to become a separate Taobao off site to make money, some is through Ali mother links post money, powerful Taobao customers can also earn million There are plenty of people who in the month of

four: open the web site to make money, this is the basic knowledge of this course, do Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, requires employees has a strong technical and comprehensive quality, website make money there are many ways, such as through advertising, sell game currency through the generation of

: become a Witkey, now a pig Witkey platform and task Chinese, of course in the A5 can be registered, but inside the A5 find the task to make money, as long as you have the technology, such as the establishment of the art technology, technology, and even to name, logo design and so on, only you. It is easy to make money on the Internet

seven: post top stick money, it generally requires a team will earn more, now many of the network Navy is through this way to make money, said the 50 Fen party

of the American enterprise Boostability, Travis Theorpe is an expert on Internet and marketing technology, in inc recently shared his company a few years ago committed 5 errors, the most common. By examining pitfalls in everything that companies do right, it’s easier to find out how these things cost an ambitious CEO and fail to succeed.

2. can’t listen to their customers.

six: open shop to make money, now generally in Taobao and pat, this method is very suitable for ordinary people, many people are now selling slimming products, the product profit is relatively high, we can go to the slimming products list on the website and select suitable products to agents, is very profitable some people, annual sales of more than tens of millions of


two: to become an air traveler, is a real general survey of the current Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, do not lie, we can make money as long as others participate in the survey, a general survey can earn 10 yuan to 20 yuan, of course, questionnaire survey is not very simple, requires a lot of skill in time the survey site registered, such as gender, fill in the city and income will affect the number of received questionnaire