Give some advice to the novice Taobao guestNow there is no real sense of free Wangzhuan

is talking a lot of crap. Let’s get down to business.

has a lot of friends asked me: "free Wangzhuan end can earn money?" this question is really not a word to say yes, I can confirm the answer: you can! Can also answer you: not very contradictory!? don’t worry, let us look at the four course of making friends have experience in free Wangzhuan:

The name Taobao

: the first period of stalemate with the profits in good times don’t last long miracle, invalid click Wangzhuan company the soaring, in the case of large fold, with rapid reaction; on the one hand is the development of anti cheat software, system, on the one hand is the price, K, and even dishonor. Those players in Wangzhuan by software oligarchies also do not forget to improve the flow, cheating software, and started a lot of sale software. For a time, cheating and anti cheating struggle were four, the two sides into a stalemate. The result is beyond all expectations: ankylose Wangzhuan company anti cheating is more and more high, the price is lower and lower, and make friends in order to sell what can Wangzhuan cheating software trumpeted day gains 1000 yuan, 10000 yuan and so on, the influx of a lot of apprenticeship to make friends, make Wangzhuan company quickly out of losses and profits rose sharply, to further stimulate the birth of new Wangzhuan company. And those from the early apprenticeship period, growth period came to make friends, and cheating software from selling earned a great. Bitter bitter who just joined the ranks of the Wangzhuan apprenticeship, has also just a novice: according to the requirements of the company do Wangzhuan honestly, have registered dozens of Wangzhuan, one day can not earn tens of dollars to buy cheating software, this is not a higher investment? And a lot of money go in, can’t accept "

1: there are many online programs available for download, but the best choice for their own, do not blindly follow the trend, others say API program, you can do API, they say you can do good shop navigation navigation, in fact, what the program is not the key, the key is to let users can use convenient. What we do is shopping guide, not Taobao, let users >

: with the growing army of Wangzhuan gradually expand, many savvy friends wanted to make manual click slow ah, can design a software can automatically click? The idea there is action, action will have a harvest. A lot of time a lot of cheating software came into being, with cheating software do free Wangzhuan, others can make a few dollars a minute, he can earn several hundred dollars! This time many Wangzhuan master one day earn thousands or even tens of thousands like a game, Wangzhuan industry ushered in the first period of profits! Now active in making the altar Wangzhuan master a half is fortune at that time. Unfortunately, I didn’t catch up with you.

customers believe we are not unfamiliar, since 2007, Taobao launched this service, received numerous webmaster’s favor, from the NetEase, 114, 360 to many professional now Taobao station, just a few years Taobao guest team is more and more big, every day there are a lot of people to join the the team, I was pleased to become a member of this team, despite fierce competition, but I love this way, the only way to get ahead of people.

Speaking of the

I do very little in our community around, I post here snapping fingers can count over, actually I also have guest contact Taobao for two years, but I’m not a veteran, was started in the beginning of July this year, up to now there do a little regret, too late. I remember the beginning to lift off Taobao I did not care how, at that time because they have a lot of blog, just on their blogs made up, probably done for half a month, I had my first paycheck, I remember very clearly, at the time of my blog friends basic are women, I developed the Royal Square mud products, that an income of 20 yuan. It is from the beginning, I put all my blog into a Taobao customer goods and connection, only in Sina I was nearly more than 100 blog, I have absolutely no you quackish nonsense, now sealed sealed, toss, do not do the basic management. Until the end of sina Taobao passenger shield connection, I started to contact Taobao and guest website, in fact, do Taobao station, I am doing customer service in a clothing company, no time management website, the website has not managed to do it, just throw in there.. It wasn’t until July of this year that my station was officially managed.

website, no matter what do you want to know how much to the website, the website is only SEO, SEO is the site of the long-term development of the road, on their own propaganda is very difficult to develop, of course is not possible, there are a lot of expert can still do not know SEO be in full swing. But I think SEO is the key to the development of the website. My station is also online sharing procedures, and later I modified some, as it is now. For the novice, I think it is best to do Taobao customers, still need a professional Taobao guest website, and now there are many free programs, we can choose one can. I have some suggestions for the friends who are going to do the Taobao railway station. I hope I can help you.

apprenticeship: about in the last century, with a lot of money, money, mail surfing click advertising to make money, a lot of worms were found, in addition to Internet chat games, can also earn money through these, so that when the early Wangzhuan owners, make friends are honest according to the requirements of Wangzhuan company go surfing, to click on, but because the Wangzhuan company provides price is higher, and the price low, really make friends have tasted the sweetness of diligent make friends have registered dozens of companies, surf the Internet every day, click, one day can earn more than 100 this is a very high income, can not be said at the time. This process as a whole, lasted about 5 years, you may have missed, I did not catch up, not to say.