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proved that environmental protection is difficult to open, because we do not step aside; and that the business sector is not good, because the business involves large amount of punishment. Tax authorities, land, customs and other departments, if the amount involved is relatively large, the competent authorities will not open for you. Although difficult, but if you want to IPO, you must issue a certificate.

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successfully listed on the new board listed company banner in Jiangsu 831223.OC, which is now the A shares of listed company shares 300575.SZ, the flag had been subjected to administrative penalties. Zhongqi shares prospectus shows that the company has two administrative penalties for environmental protection situation during the reporting period, two times the total fine of 112 thousand yuan penalty. But since then, the company has received the Nanjing Environmental Protection Bureau’s "certificate" document, the company’s two administrative penalty does not belong to a major administrative penalty, there is no substantive obstacle to IPO.

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according to the "IPO and listing management approach" article eighteenth, the issuer shall have the following conditions: two in the last 36 months in violation of industry and commerce, taxation, land, environmental protection, customs and other relevant laws and administrative regulations, subject to administrative punishment, and the circumstances are serious.

collaboration need to pay?
      just a two level domain name for your website.

is that the enterprise must establish a certificate against the authorities that is not subject to major violations.

, this is the time to test the enterprise, because this proof is not you want to open, want to open can open. In many places, the genus does not belong to "major", and there is no quantitative standard.

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administrative penalties have been the focus of regulatory audits, so try not to have such penalties.

need to pay attention to, if the enterprise did not get the law-abiding certificate, the broker because sponsor risk is afraid to submit the declaration material. Therefore, enterprises had better nip in the bud

companies that have been subject to administrative penalties within the last 36 months may still be listed, as long as they do not constitute "major violations of law". If it constitutes a major violation, it can only wait for a 36 month period to pass.

is subject to administrative penalties. "No major violations" may prove helpful to you,

so, what kind of punishment is the administrative punishment? According to the "People’s Republic of China administrative punishment law" article eighth, administrative punishment can be divided into 7 categories: a a warning; two fine; three the confiscation of illegal income and property shall be ordered to suspend production or business; four; five suspend or revoke the license, suspend or revoke the license; six administrative detention; seven other administrative penalties stipulated in laws and administrative regulations.

" means that there is no serious violation of laws and regulations, and the circumstances are serious, and if there is a criminal penalty, there is really no way. As long as it is not particularly serious administrative penalties, there are ways to solve it.

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Abstract: the enterprise must establish a certificate which does not belong to any major illegal act to the punishment authority.