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don’t always say that the Tencent monopoly, Tencent really do a lot of good for us. Tencent’s corporate mail is one of them. Tencent’s corporate mail now estimates that 263 of the corporate mail has been pushed to the edge of the cliff.

first scan blind, enterprise mail refers to the domain name can be bound by their own mailbox, such as: [email protected], your domain name. Mailboxes such as 126 and 163 are called public mailboxes.

introduced before the Tencent enterprise mailbox, enterprise mailbox is basically free of charge, the enterprise mailbox such as virtual host free mailbox space is small, unstable, and often there are many restrictions.

3. free advertising.

, while Tencent’s Enterprise Mail Online rate can reach more than 99%, very stable, very fast.

Tencent enterprise mail address is: exmail.

we live in the Internet age, the network brings me more convenient than you think. Unlike previous small ads, we can select the network the cheaper way to do free publicity for our new company.

2. fax machine without paying for money.

I’m here to share with you what are your free lunches at the beginning of your career.

is as follows:


NetEase electronic fax function, and all the NetEase mailbox has opened up, we just need to register a NetEase mailbox can use.


of course, what it says is just the usual practice of investing in money making classes. It’s not absolutely negative. As to whether there are investment projects that are very reliable and can be paid from the beginning to the end, I have never met nor dare to assert. Anyway, we should clearly do such projects need to be cautious, not greedy, because this kind of project is likely to make friends is to use the greedy, etc. a large number of investment, may. Let friends make a sieve.

can distribute product advertising information free of charge in China

20click has not been able to open a web site so far, as usual, the project has been drained. Although a lot of people through this project gains a lot, but more people whether benefit or lose money in this project, we can make nothing of it. In order to estimate the webmaster Wangzhuan forum, people lose money certainly far more than money. Otherwise, the project will not be closed. This is a common practice for investment project of the higher class.

is not only to the early start of the operating elements, regardless of your company in the market to do much, money is not always wrong.

The basic configuration of

investment projects, the risk factors are relatively large. Such projects in the beginning of the beginning, credibility is usually better, pay in a timely manner, promised to cash. Let the first to join friends earn a good deal. Because, in order to let more people join, more people to invest, must begin to speak credibility. The so-called "will want to take", must first with it". And other profitable friends to see the project really pay, will join in at the same time, a lot of publicity. In this way, a very large number of people will join in in a short time. Investment in succession. Even if a person did not throw much money, but the number of more than one, the total is also considerable. Participation in the project at this time is at a high risk stage. Because it may always be "hacked, lost database" and other reasons for closing the door. Once it closes, it rolls away and all the investments cannot be recovered.

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experience: Le fan I write this article now, NetEase has selected electronic fax number can not be modified, so we have to consider a lot when the selected number.

experience: free corporate mail can open 200 accounts, each account has more than 2G space, basically can meet the needs of all start-ups.

, thanks to the NetEase here. NetEase recently launched the "electronic fax" feature, you can completely replace the traditional fax machine.


macro, macro stuff I don’t speak too much, I really love music fan.

1. free corporate mail.