Bad Wangzhuan experienceAdvantages of regional portal for advertising resources

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, that’s too bad.

peers have ever heard of it, and I’ve been hit by such a thing. Hey, is there really a fixed number,

it wasn’t easy to make some money, it was almost killed by sh419. I @$%^& *…. "Ah," said one, "it’s much more comfortable.".

3, today is 21, and the mourning is over. Tomorrow is the 22 day, 4 week, big update, ready to rush to the top ranking. As a result, a domain name problem occurred at 16 p.m.. 4 stations are closed, 3.

1, 2 months to do these stations, by May 18th can generate revenue. In May 19th, I received 50 yuan.

4, I immediately contacted purple field. But he said the new one was already off duty. Must wait until tomorrow. That closes the night like this. The consequences of tomorrow can be imagined.

I’ll call the company next time, "he replied." please call at 7:30.

2, followed by 3 days of national mourning. You can’t put up an advertisement.

well, how bad can it be to this extent? Who am I really cursed by,

helpless, the day has yet to, can only insist forward…

by Chongqing Bureau of information industry, Chongqing business newspaper, Tencent jointly organized the first Chinese Regional Internet Development Forum on November 2, 2006 – 4 day held in Chongqing. Chongqing industry representatives, representatives of well-known domestic enterprises, media representatives, industry customers, nearly 300 people attended the event. Tencent webcast.

question: Several boss, I was in Chongqing website, I have to do a website, there are also some advertising revenue, after listening to several boss about regional marketing, I think personal website how to achieve regional marketing? Maximize this benefit as much as possible Thank you

Question: please

what about the follow-up? I’ll write it later.