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Harrison said that the problem is that big Vc firm shares gained high liquidation priority: that is to say, if Backplane can successfully complete the exit transaction, these investors will receive priority in return.

now more and more websites migrate their own abroad, not good service abroad or high quality host. For a Chinese website, is erected on the home server is the best, the first security, said here is safe even if a problem you can find people in foreign countries, basically white blind; second is the speed from the average speed is faster than the domestic and foreign host. However, the strict censorship system in China makes many small websites unable to survive, and is always required to delete posts at any time because the neighbors on the same host have been implicated and so on. >

Lady Gaga founded social networking Backplane

3, the record review system, so that foreign mainframe space is large, there is market

but after 3 years of development, the founder of the company used luxury offices and jet aircraft, but made no progress on the product. Backplane wanted to transform into, reduce the $160 thousand monthly burn rate, and the introduction of the new CEO Scott · Harrison Scott Harrison, or even formed a self-service mobile social network application.

network is the most characteristic in China commentator Wangzhuan

technology news Beijing time on April 12th morning news, according to technology blog TechCrunch reports, informed sources, Lady Gaga founded the social network Backplane has run out of money, and the sale of assets to the new and old investors, by the latter to restart the project.

informed sources said. And Dorsey & Whitney also confirmed that the company has ceased operations, all assets have recently been sold to investors, hoping to restart the concept of Backplane.

Backplane also defaulted on the debt, and Sherwood Partners also confirmed that the company was cooperating with it to sell assets through law firms Dorsey & and Whitney,

today we count has the characteristics of strong national customs Wangzhuan:

When the funds were running out, the investors were reluctant to inject more money, and the harsh terms scare away new investors too,

insiders believe that Backplane’s problem is to raise financing with excessive valuation, and signed an exploitative clause. In addition, the company also lead to break the pale burn too fast, difficult to continue.

1, 50 Fen:

2, SSH VPN, a popular

tool over the wallAlthough the existence of


Backplane was founded in 2011 and completed $12 million 100 thousand A round of financing through the top Vc firm in 2012. At that time, the valuation reached $40 million, Sequoia Capital, shlf1314 venture capitalists were involved in the financing at that time. The company eventually raised $5 million more.

50 Fen is a popular title, which is its name, its real name is the name of the network commentator, originated from a post can get a reward of 0.5 yuan. Mainly used to guide large enterprises to guide public opinion, enhance reputation. In particular, when consumers are dissatisfied with certain products, there will be a large number of 50 Fen appear, they pretend to be ordinary Internet users, registered a large number of ID, with a unified tone of speech, with a unified voice overwhelming inconsistent views. Or some enterprises in order to belittle their opponents, raise their visibility, and achieve the purpose of speculation and network research, rising is the master of this area. Its characteristics are often based on false information and false information. At present, this form is the most popular, and there is a trend of specialization. Large state-owned enterprises to small local private enterprises are building their own 50 Fen team, but also the emergence of professional 50 Fen training classes in the society, the 50 Fen higher hot.


is referred to as Wangzhuan, make money online. There are many ways such as in Wangzhuan, the majority of owners are most familiar with the page to add shlf1314 Adsense, Witkey task type Commission, the soft, great form is beyond shape who posted small ads, in charge of network survey etc.. It’s too much. If you want to sort out, I’m afraid it will take a lot of work. But some Wangzhuan has China features, only this one no branches, left China you will be very difficult to see its shadow.

, Harrison explains: "fundamentally, many A investors have started a new company to continue their business.". They are investing money to start the business, and some new investors are involved in providing additional funding. Their goal is to make the capital more explicit

. A Chinese company once planned to inject $2 million 500 thousand into Backplane, but gave it up at the last minute.

G.F.W. brings inconvenience to some people, at the same time, it also brings opportunities for some people. As the saying goes, where there is a wall, where is the money?. Well, nearly two years over the wall of VPN, SSH and so on weapon emerge in an endless stream, the original service mainly buy virtual can get you now need to spend tens of dollars per month and my mobile phone to buy almost. You know, VPN, SSH etc. but a lot of things, but also the virtual host hard disk, but the basic need not what. So even if it’s only $30, it’s enough to make a profit.