Do a keyword ranking experience

to a single keyword rankings do love Shanghai before the five, first of all to the degree of difficulty of the keyword analysis, the size of the competitive keywords in view the task, let oneself do work on the keywords to have a general psychological preparation. Then according to the task of keyword search for similar words compared to imitate, because it can get some ideas, for example, in which the platform will be better, the weight of which platform will be relatively high. The second is to ask your predecessor, colleagues, they will tell you some specific and reliable method, let you take a lot less detours. The following three points, is about my task in the new period to do a single keyword experience.

Shanghai dragon will face a certain positive appraisal in the period, is the positive tasks, these tasks typically include the single key word ranking pages do love Shanghai top, to publish in A5, stationmaster net, Shanghai dragon why etc Adsense online, the company’s website increase the number of IP etc.. Below and share the single keyword rankings do love Shanghai top five tips.

is more important than to choose, to choose a good platform. Select the platform, which would you choose a weight ratio is not high, is not a good platform, then all efforts to better link to send more. Well, the high weight platform included, natural ranking is not bad. As in the word recognition system of the witness, I chose love Shanghai’s own product platform — know and love love Shanghai Shanghai library. Love Shanghai know was collected, and enthusiastic users timely answer, on the same day, it will jump to the first. Now the record has been hovering between the first and second place.

The so-called

, a choice is more important than


practical details.

we can make good use of love Shanghai platform of its own product platform when do product promotion (library, know, space, and Post Bar album), followed by some community forums such as Tianya, Post Bar and good blog platform: Sohu blog, Sina blog, and micro-blog, and document sharing platform such as: love sharing, Douding library, road passenger Baba, classified information website: Ganji, people network, 58 city, there is usually found some good shops for free platform etc.. These are some of the better platform, generally you occupy these platform user name, label, and updated in the corresponding contents of the platform, get good rankings are generally not difficult.


chose a good platform, but to grasp in the details, and to understand the corresponding platform rules, otherwise it is likely to be managers in the cancellation of the account, before then done in vain. The information you send to note some of the details, make good use of keywords, tags, descriptions, and head tags and bold, color change.

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