Thinking of using the nternet business Wu Zi Feng from the code farmers to Obama cakeEnglish statio

Wu is an Internet veteran, or an Internet start-up veteran.

entrepreneurship location: Shanghai

business model: from vertical baking electricity supplier to Internet baking brand

said that the feeling, Wu Zi Feng excited. He told reporters in Nandu: "at that time, eating and drinking, sleeping 24 hours in the studio, and that is the feeling of entrepreneurship." This experience also strengthened his determination to do the Internet later.

English station how to do? Recently, a lot of friends came to ask me how I can earn money through English skills and experience. In fact, I don’t have any experience and skills in doing English, and I can do English stand by imitating and Pondering on myself, and innovating. If the new train of thought about English station operation even if the broken thing, but in some of the experience of others on the upgrade, because people can get their successful experience, it may not be able to stand on the success, so it must be to paraphrase English station using the ideas, can not completely imitate, without their own characteristics. So Deng Gong added "characteristic" before socialism, so China’s 30 years have been advancing by leaps and bounds. Visible, it is OK to learn English station experience, but can not imitate all the same, want to use the train of thought of other people flexibly. Note: do not copy, self defeating, learning ideas is the first

startup time: July 2011

in fact, the name of English station is not the most accurate. It should be called a foreign language station. Called "foreign language station", it is said that because of some special reasons, the Chinese language: Simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese, so you can do simplified Chinese station, and traditional Chinese station, obviously higher than the traditional Chinese station price. There are also many sites like languages like Japanese, Korean, German, and so on. In a word as long as the local network can be done by foreign foreign station, station, network where you have shlf1314 in addition to the individual country LAN is very powerful, without access to the Internet, so do English station called foreign station more diversified.

founder: Wu Zi Feng

‘s main market aims at Internet cafe resources. Cut in point is through the Internet client to control Internet cafe resources, that is, in the browser, plug-ins and other places to provide advertising services. Many big brands will think that Internet cafes are relatively low-end cock silk place, so the main customers at that time mainly to online games products,:

an Aries cake, female users single rate as high as 9 into. But why does a Taurus cakes, men and women have 55 per cent? Catering CEO of Nandu reporter Wu Zi Feng said the subtle details of the Internet is leveraging the traditional weapons of the bakery market.

graduated from the Shanghai Univer Department of computer at abroad hot, go to Germany for a period of time, but to find an Internet business atmosphere there, while China Internet has ushered in the golden age, Wu Zi Feng simply home business.

has accumulated a wealth of experience in Internet games, he returned to Shanghai local Internet portal, east net engaged in product channel work. Experience in different industries, coupled with technical background, Wu started the real sense of the first venture, the formation of Internet cafes advertising software team.

English station, broken thing here ready to write 10 articles about "English station of combat operations" rational text notes: money. When a friend who is concerned about breaking up, an experience exchange and a few years of English station ideas open. Share some of the secrets in the circle appropriately. If you offend some circle of friends to make money, things to say sorry, if you do not agree to the same some ideas for the operation of my welcome criticism and advice.

Company Name: Shanghai hand Lok Restaurant Management Co., Ltd.

This is the first report of

‘s first job back home was a program monkey who wrote gateways and wrote code every day". "Can’t stand this loneliness," so jumped to the online game company, is fully responsible for the company’s wireless value-added business income. The company in the air outlet made him find the thrill he wanted". He recalled: "at that time the concept of online games is very new, the entire market will be more than 10.". Within 8 months the company into more than 300 employees from more than 30 employees, according to the monthly income of 30 million income."

Why build English station? Many people say do make money, what? By advertising! But now Chinese domestic advertising market the majority of common disaster-ridden, dragons and fishes jumbled together, the small owners are in hot water to survive in the edge of life and death, while considering the policy, while pondering how to make money. But want to make money to put too much, it is not practical to start, eager for quick success and instant benefits, what tricks "cheating", click on the brush: brush flow…… From the examination room to the Internet cheating, I wonder if it is the sorrow of Chinese education or the cup of the internet. So earlier in the year when you were doing AdSense CPA, a Firefox download, from $1, plummeted to $0.1, and in the end, directly shut down the launch plan for Firefox in china. Cause I don’t need to talk about cheating. So now China’s shlf1314, AdSense, CPC, click the unit price has been lower than a few years ago, mainly by domestic part of the quick success of the webmaster to do rotten. Don’t blame it


day before the Internet brand many Bo gimmicks continue to die or to eke out a veteran of Internet start-ups, Wu Zi Feng believes that the Internet thinking takes time to trial and error, in the baking industry, high profit era is coming to an end, really grasp the V, IP and P in the baking industry conversion rates in order to live.

financing: October 2013, Shanghai, Jiading, venture capital and other joint injection of over one million U.S. dollars

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