What is the dividing line between the black hat white hat

said that, in fact, into the black hat white hat difference is not large, no matter what kind of, will be on the Shanghai dragon industry and even the search engine.

many people when talking about the total love and love technology link, say black hat technology is what, what is white hat techniques. In fact, if you take a black hat and white hat forum will find that in fact the relationship between the two is not the Shaolin and Wudang, but, South Shaolin and Northern Shaolin martial arts, Zen. In Shanghai dragon, there are many or even most of the techniques are black and white are used, with appropriate is white, unrestrained is black, with the page keyword density, the general white hat is the best in the 2%-8%, when some pages cannot reach the keyword density interval, some owners will not while demand from other parts of Shanghai. The dragon, we can say that he is white, but some webmaster desperately in the ALT page corner, navigation and so on the local stack, will reach 5%, this does not fall into force effect mentality, we can divide the black hat, of course you can’t say which one is better, because Shanghai dragon after all some RP in it, though you won’t always go lucky.

3, this is the mentality, I don’t want to say, in the black hat forum often visit you will find, there is much super kid love is not the black hat, black hat, but the name of the black hat, the kid feel as black hat particularly handsome, self expansion satisfied, so start no reason without the benefit of the trend of black hat activities, although do not want to, but these people are not a minority, so I had to know count to third points.

1, demand, black and white’s needs are different, the black hat needs fast track, steady demand tall white hat. Black hat make short-term money, like in the copy of the stock, white hat make long money, like investment bonds.


today to see a word, think it popular science well, the cat, catch mice is a good cat, black hat, white hat, can return is good cap. No matter what you do, the ultimate goal is the same, that is income, certainly do not rule out some of the people in order to honor or love others…

I have to say, the black hat white line is not clear, some white hat will be appropriate to hang black chain, will be appropriate to brush software, so clear in the technology of split between the two sects is not a right choice. Of course, so people who rely on black chain site except that people have not called black hat, called hackers. But if the words, I think, from the following aspects: the relatively objective

2 degree, as the above example, because the different demand caused by differences in the Shanghai Dragon Technology Shanghai dragon, black hat because of short-term, quick success, willing to take risks and challenges, and because the white hat do long-term, is playing Wenzhongqiusheng, step by step.