Trust is the fatal point of website optimization

.We found all kinds of

is an important reason of the following:

A. has been outdated technology in

· love the sea is really big update, and your site is not timely and make appropriate adjustment operation.

relationship between two friends, if the relationship between you and A is very good, even if you occasionally said some nasty rubbish, or usually do not contact with A, he will not reduce your credibility, if you and B are relatively flat, but B is not what will say to you, if long time no contact will become strangers. The truth is the same

1. why do we not establish the confidence of the website


technology in Shanghai Shanghai dragon love a will, the same problem can find tens of thousands of answers, so which one end is valuable? Who do not know, even if effective, now is not always available, influenced by a variety of answers, like some Shanghai dragon will be strong fumble, wasting a lot of time.

this case, such as a new operation, what we are doing a good job, and then rushing for the ranking, so a lot will lead spider, a lot of hair outside the chain of high quality, high quality Links do a lot of hair, a large number of high quality soft Wen, causing new over optimized exposure in a short time, love Shanghai caused suspicion, and pulled into the sandbox.

B. anxious, resulting in Shanghai dragon and love Shanghai rapid rigid


this situation is very common, like the Shanghai dragon Er often ask why my website a few days ago, and today there is no ranking, how, in this case may be the site and love between Shanghai appeared trust issues, otherwise it is love Shanghai, this situation over time will be restored.

C. accumulation can not trust the effective duration of

· Shanghai love their own problems, this is awful, but also relatively rare. When we find the site problem when the suspected operation problems of its own, and give up the original correct operation, but try some adverse operation, lead to further decline in trust.

· no big update > love Shanghai

why?This is like the

although we all know that trust is very important, also know how to build trust, once we truly practical operation, it is built up.

since we always talk about trust, and always want to "Baidu" become good friends, to improve their website ranking, but Baidu ungrateful, but also to our website in a period of time, but those usually do not update but have very good rankings, which is trust in the play a major role.