The chain will not nofollow really deliver weight

is the webmaster do Shanghai dragon, the purpose of the chain is in order to improve the ranking, get traffic, so traffic is the most fundamental purpose. If you can get a link from the site traffic, even if the site nofollow or turn, as long as.

we can see such a situation, that they are difficult to obtain the flow in the forum, community or replies posted a link, but ordinary users posted a link to you can bring huge traffic. This is sometimes seen in statistical tools.

? What is the true

usually, can bring the flow of links for this user, and take the initiative to recommend, Shanghai will be judged as love Click feedback function whether the user really share, and according to the link Click To determine the weight given to this link.

years ago in a Shanghai dragon industry gathering, then several bloggers and buddy chat to do when the chain buddies laughed in the encyclopedia, why? Because they say Wikipedia links with nofollow label, do not transfer the weight, no, what to do spend so much time

this blogger’s feeling is the deepest, the company first entered I put several industry nouns with Wikipedia pages within the website link, probably a total of 4 Wikipedia links, every day can bring 20-35 high quality flow, time ranked dally to rise, whether home key or the inside pages long tail word rankings are very good. After the last three or four months has been peer discovery, deleted my Wikipedia link, after ranking began unstable, 1 days can change the three position. If the link nofollow has no effect on the site you so I can only say how to explain? Because no link, so less traffic decline, then we can launch what links is the quality of the chain, the chain is useful for web sites. I remember Zac the teacher said that the website with nofollow links or can transfer the weight, I think it is for this reason.

occasionally go to look at the forum, you can see a lot of children are asking how to do outside the chain of high quality, the high quality of the chain construction. In fact, now is not the quality of the chain is difficult to do, but many people don’t know what is the quality of the chain, think for a better site, a high quality original article, then add the anchor text link is the quality of the chain is? Everyone says the search engine reduces the weight of the chain on the site the effect here Bo said, in fact, search engine did not reduce the weight of the site outside the chain, but the abolition of the weight of the garbage outside the chain of the site outside the chain of transmission, real or can have very high weight.

chain? Is the user voluntary offer, usually raise a concept in the article, think your page is the best, the most authoritative, so the link to your page. Another is the user references your links in the post, comment.