How the small businesses from Shanghai surrounded by love in the promotion of the smart leveraging b


, a clever use of love Shanghai series product line

face the intense competition situation, the clever use of love Shanghai series product line is a low cost, high return, good effect of competition means. For example, in the face of promotional advertising "surrounded", the Shanghai encyclopedia, love love Shanghai, love Shanghai library know the main kinds of love Shanghai product promotion, the others did not pay attention to mining and corner, can save a lot of promotion costs, but also get the front rank well in the search results. No, for too much money to burn promotion of small businesses is undoubtedly a great competition.

always love Shanghai promotion is a controversial topic. On the one hand, the love of Shanghai through this PPC services affect the objectivity and impartiality of the search results in a certain extent, in the search engine on the moral controversy at the same time, it is a very large promotion income from Shanghai, let love become China even global Internet companies profit "model"; and on the other hand, love Shanghai promotion also really let many enterprises benefit from it, get some popular keywords ranking before the payment, get real orders, to get the advantage in the competition.

as everyone knows, the so-called love Shanghai adjustment algorithm has been carried out, many products in the process of love Shanghai, love Shanghai, love Shanghai from Wikipedia, know love Shanghai Post Bar to love Shanghai’s other products, from strong benefit, in the search results in the ranking rising, even in the first page of search results occupied several positions. Since we don’t want to go to burn promotion way, cannot ignore these called "quality promotion platform treasure". For example, in Shanghai love to search business popular keywords "injection molding" can be seen on the first page of search results in light of love of Shanghai promotion reached 10 caps, the right advertising also has 8 ads, and relevant search results reached as many as 4130000! Search related plastic factory love Shanghai, efforts to promote more than, which shows the huge business opportunities hidden behind the words.

but it also makes the enterprises engaged in network promotion and marketing gradually adapted to the "love Shanghai model", in a burn cycle, so the network marketing evolved by burn to PK marketing model and stale, which means who have more money who can bear this kind of competition. To burn more money than the rank and get more potential customers and orders, which for many small businesses is undoubtedly enormous pressure. Don’t want to, also do not have so much money to burn small enterprises engaged in network marketing, the promotion of Shanghai face surrounded by layers of love burn like advertising, how to subtly break, do network marketing success? Undoubtedly, since you don’t go burn promotion this road, then you need to do from the low cost promotion the following aspects, with a high return and high conversion rate promotion effect: