Analysis love Shanghai ranking of logistics website adjustment

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4, friends of the chain too many websites, for friends of the chain too much, too miscellaneous, cross chain, love Shanghai for more than 20 of the friends of the chain, will drop right, for the cross chain directly outside one hundred.

3, do not pay attention to the website structure and website pages, how you are new, the inside pages included only a dozen pages, the website structure is not a home page column page in page three layer structure, not registered Page Title Optimization, no site map, love Shanghai will give you a high evaluation.

2, a short time site, love Shanghai for publishing the text chain in the classification of information in a short time a large number of online websites, especially one to two months of new sites, can be said to be K you anyway.

overview of the above four points, means feeling now for Shanghai dragon can be chosen is not so much a new station, want to have good ranking is to optimize the structure of the website, before the line ready about 60 articles, especially in the title of the page should also pay attention to the optimization, you can check in good standing the inside pages of the title, is doing optimization. On the line, in some weight high website, the left link, your site will soon included, then every day to update the site, the best night 10 points -11 points, this time on Thursday evening, you send the love >

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1, click on the software website, click on the love of Shanghai when the software has a way, using energy-saving click software these thousand profit in the first half of the year, also help, now that the love of Shanghai to punish the point will fall right.

6, love Shanghai no longer the whole industry began to blow, for different industries in different time adjustment, fear of causing the webmaster for 12 years which started in September 10 that back, is the professional logistics industry to move against.

this day September 10, 2013 is teacher’s day, I habitually check the site’s ranking that morning, the site of love from the original Shanghai ranked 32 to 100 outside, then check the other moving company in Xinxiang all the site also ranked at around 100, which means that all the Xinxiang moving company website the rankings are right to drop, in order to confirm whether love Shanghai in the update, I checked the Anyang moving company, Zhengzhou moving company, Ji’nan moving company, Beijing moving company and regional keywords, ranking changes are great, especially for some of the new one to two months of new sites, more is to adjust. Although the middle. For a few days back, but still repeated fluctuations in September 21st, today all the Xinxiang moving company website ranking has not, so from the recent observation of feel, love of Shanghai Some sites are right down

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for new sites, love the sea become very harsh, I feel the audit cycle extended to 50 days, during which no updates will be in love with the sea as a dumpster, when love Shanghai update, may put you to adjust to the hundreds outside the