Shanghai dragon nearly two months to learn about the experience of new Shanghai Dragon

I was officially on May 9, 2013 and a teacher to learn Shanghai dragon. Today is June 28, 2013 nearly two months. The following simple said his efforts to contact Shanghai dragon.

I’m snapadoo. Because I don’t want to miss any of his own ideas, even if failure. Then I did a Pizhou tiger forum. However, after doing a good job only to find that really is so difficult. Finally also ended in failure.

had heard this word Shanghai Longfeng, what does it mean, others say the website optimization. At that time he also added a Shanghai dragon group, I asked the group is doing, they say it is taught to do Wangzhuan and Shanghai dragon. I think Shanghai is the dragon, and I said, why, I do not have a web site. Simply retreat group. At that time I think that money is the most real, I just want to make money on the internet. So, what money I’ll do what.

until some time ago, still can not be reconciled, or want to be a famous website. 10 years from now for three or four years, I >

later, I learned to do, do several websites and then began to do others. Plus do Taobao code one day is also good. When Taobao was done, or do Wangzhuan, but this is not a few years. At that time I made a ‘marketing software station, is to join, and also do a Decepticon code website and a tiger forum. However, the site was built, and I never know how to promote, will know that let people see on the line. But, do a few sites have not what color. Only the Decepticons Wangzhuan forum took ten yuan people advertising. Then several sites are closed, because mom won’t let me at home, I went to work, no time to get the website. Only at night to do a website.


when I was in 2010 October, he bought a computer. I have a strange feeling on the computer, I feel it is very magical, it must also be able to make money on the Internet, because previously heard that many money do Taobao on the internet. I have been longing for. He bought a computer, which is a really exciting, but also can play games and movies. But after all, he is also a great age. Even if you want to play have to control their own. How to make money on the Internet, or want to. A little bit later to study from the most simple code, hang up, do the task to open the Taobao website, a step by step up. My experience tells me that everything depends on your self, don’t expect anyone.

, he also can not be reconciled, always want to be a famous website. Think of myself as a Pizhou person, want to do a forum in Pizhou. However, Pizhou has a Pizhou forum. It is not easy to. However, at the time of their own confidence. I believe we will be able to do if you want to do. Because, on the Internet a difficulty I have been solved. Feel great. I am a little narcissistic.