Quickly improve website ranking thinking by user demand

love is either Shanghai or 360 search, if he wants to enhance the user search experience, he is not the most consistent with the user search results to the front row, we put our site to the front row is not to meet the user needs to search, and beyond the expected effect of the user, how could not enhance the search engine your website ranking? This is what I want to say the user needs to enhance the core essence of ranking today.

The use of demand analysis

we should according to the menu and relevant search keywords found recently for a period of time the user needs.

love Shanghai drop-down and search of the data you need long-term observation, according to a keyword search and search related heat, drop changes are not the same. Keywords index in general on behalf of the 800 within the user search last month the most. A user search keywords have the explicit demand and demand contact points, such as: the first major component of compound fertilizer, the user is clearly understand compound fertilizer composition knowledge, this is the dominant demand, which brand users to search the "compound fertilizer brand" behind the user really understand for him, he was looking for quality good and appropriate price factors, because most people buy products only choose a brand, so when we write compound fertilizer brand is not simply a list of brand names to the price, quality, etc. the strength of the company, finally to help customers choose a brand.

search engine is love Shanghai alone big, conservative, do keyword ranking mainly rely on the chain, the chain who, who ranking is good, who knows the way out of 360 search, within 2 years, the market share has exceeded 30%, the search engine. The competition started, Shanghai love to sit, so down in 360 was not exceeded, then began a series of improvements, such as green, pomegranate algorithm upgrades, launched the Shanghai love Webmaster Platform (to open a practical tool for many webmaster website), to support the new. He is the purpose of doing so is to help owners obviously, improve the website, improve website user experience, allowing users to feel the love of Shanghai search engine is very easy to use. As a good search engine, he would like to have more market share, the core is when the user to search a keyword, can immediately find the information they want, if the user in the first few pages did not find the information he wants, users will be more for the keyword search, if can not find it, so users feel uncomfortable, will directly change the other search engines, so bad user search experience, only allowing users to slowly away from the search engine.

user needs to improve your website ranking ideas first love Shanghai ranked in the top 3 pages, if your web site keywords ranking in the 3 page not only by outside demand, to improve the weight according to your own site stand outside the station and continuous updates, we take the "fertilizer" this keyword analysis.

In the 3 years before the domestic

, through love Shanghai drop-down and search