The common problems of small and medium sized enterprises website optimization and solving methods

4, the website all column page, content page is the title or description of a unified description, or not. This is also a lot of business station a big say little problems, may be the beginning of establishment, technical personnel opportunistic, afraid of trouble, so do not give column page and content page write the title and description, many enterprises do not know station so it was to muddle through. The unity of title and description, resulted in a site in addition to the home page included other pages are not included or not may be included in the full, so be sure to correct this problem.

5, the website is not updated in a timely manner, not the law. This is a criticism of the majority of small and medium-sized enterprise website. Because a lot of enterprises.

1, do not understand the site title, description of the setting. This is a mistake many companies often make the station. The title of a web site is correct or not directly affect the ranking of the site. If the enterprise station is the production of organic glass, the enterprise name "Changchun Sanjiang Plastics Co. Ltd., this website title is written" Changchun Sanjiang plastic limited company to welcome you". You see, how much meaning such website title? Don’t need we can optimize to the first row, but this site who will search? Who can find? So, is correct: organic glass processing production Changchun Sanjiang Plastics Co. Ltd., by writing this is correct of course, you can think about how to write specific. Why do not say.

Qingdao Shanghai dragon in the website operation and optimization of Shanghai Longfeng has more than two years of time, through optimizing the site there are many, including some business station. It should be said that the optimization of the enterprise stand is relatively simple, very easy to get good rankings, don’t even need to optimize the site can be ranked, but many small and medium-sized enterprises or on their website that can not start, for a long time not to see the website ranking, the main reason is the lack of some of the most basic knowledge of Shanghai dragon today, just like some novice or engage in business enterprise optimization on station station friends chat, talk about some common problems in most companies I have experienced in the station optimization process and solving methods.

3, the website keyword density seriously insufficient or unreasonable layout. Keyword density should be reflected in the classification of navigation or H3 and other important labels, especially the home page keyword density has a very important effect on the website ranking, I have optimization a domestic company’s website, after taking over the station, home obvious keyword density is too low, the classification did not involve keywords, so I first to add the relevant keywords, soon saw effect.

2, the website for the sake of appearance, with a large number of pictures, flash, JS code. The surface this enterprise station to give the user the feeling is very beautiful, but this is a search engine to see, because the search engine is currently on the code of the text far less sensitive, therefore, should consider both the user and consider the search engine website, to minimize the use of this kind of code, use text instead of good.