The future of the industry of Shanghai Dragon


industry in Chinese Longfeng has developed for decades, until now, what is the Shanghai dragon, I think the industry no one can really say clearly.

only pointed out:

is pure factors unfavorable collection content, and a content update frequency, step by step, the chain of stable frequency, the reverse link is not stable, not only the number, do not see the love of Shanghai Shanghai dragon, do content, search based, repeated tests, control algorithm.


and Wang Tong pointed out:

from them we can draw, the future direction of the development of Shanghai dragon.

In fact,

is a " " control technology; and general. Wang is a "marketing control".

In fact, we all know that only

the future of Shanghai dragon will be more and more fine, the future will go vertical, the road of enterprise. Shanghai Longfeng.

two or three years ago to participate in the training of Shanghai dragon much for business or learning skills, the search engine optimization from individual to team, and refinement, constant change and change the status quo. Change to provide services, more and more varieties, more and more detailed, for example, the enterprise internal training, on behalf of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, Shanghai Longfeng analysis, growth and precipitation of some teams and companies, the future need some more awareness than expand to more areas, more detailed division of labor in the field, good comprehensive strength, the future of Shanghai dragon is one of the main personnel supervisor.

thought correctly, a new reasoning algorithm, the algorithm is mainly the core user experience, simulation of human thinking, love Shanghai and Google’s own interests, the interests of the search and content of interest, must consider the interests of Shanghai and Shanghai love love to become a community of interests, will not easily give you drop right.

recently several Shanghai dragon circles, points out the future development of Shanghai dragon.

site is the weight lifting, content providers, content quality control, content is no longer much, but in essence, love Shanghai for user browsing analysis, can be used to share love, love Shanghai Shanghai statistics.

which leads to the special chaos Shanghai dragon industry. Who can say clearly love Shanghai, noble baby algorithm. Shanghai Dragon technology only in the experience and actual combat, the end of his execution. Can be said that the website is your money machine.

then the future of Shanghai dragon


1997-2000 describes the good past title. 2001-2004 text analysis based web page keywords reasonable layout. 2004-2009 content is king, the chain emperor of the key layout, the whole content, links. 2009- so far, the link is not the most important, from the link analysis up to only analysis, analysis of the user, and meet the needs of users.