Three kinds of typical characters about Shanghai Longfeng series Shanghai dragon training

, a Shanghai dragon training by marketing people who make money

two, Shanghai dragon training practice of the money

Mr. Wang Tong

said Shanghai Dragon technology, I believe that is the only Mr., the Shanghai dragon why one hundred thousand why the forum is successful. "

another good marketing idea is Mr. Jiang Hui, he is the Shanghai dragon industry geeks, said he just over there, Mr only two months, begin to do for a long time Shanghai dragon training. The most common and he captured the opportunity is Chinese habits, is cheap, so the traditional marketing mode of small profits to the network, then he is a very successful case! Later we can see that the Shanghai dragon basic training is hiring him the more professional, to study the Shanghai Dragon Master lecturer, transformation to do a very good boss behind.

Hello, thank you for the support and love of Zhu Weikun, each author will have different articles, and for their Shanghai dragon series, is the author of Shanghai dragon world, personal views, contribute to the webmaster online, they can pass through, not by the author will not force today! Write articles or personal opinion on the Shanghai dragon training, let more want to contact Shanghai Longfeng novice, to realize their own way from an experienced people, people, because people have brains, but should be appropriate to the brain, or rust. Well, no nonsense, three people into today’s joking Shanghai dragon training topics.

of Shanghai dragon training, is of high value, because Mr. Wang Tong is known as the first domestic introduction of Shanghai dragon concept, his thousands of sites, are in love with the sea K, or directly down the right, but also in the love of Shanghai artificial intervention of the most shining Shanghai Dragon star training. But this does not affect his status in the Shanghai dragon training, for his marketing ideas from him in the Shanghai dragon training point of view, he is successful. Because he has many failure cases, if the enterprise to training, we can avoid many repeated failures. Moreover, Mr Wang Tong is love research of overseas marketing industry, and the target position is accurate, so basically learn from him the Shanghai Longfeng students have good performance.

Shanghai dragon training marketing people who make money as the first to talk about? The author thinks that we must learn to do Shanghai Longfeng marketing, only the use of marketing ideas, in order to make money, but it is all for profit, two people now rely on marketing training in Shanghai Longfeng worth mentioning, is Mr. Wang Tong and Mr. Jiang Hui.


for their two training methods, it is conform to the development of the society, so they are successful, and with the Shanghai dragon training but is thinking, and real Kung Fu, but how many people than they are smart, and show their sharp eyes.

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