Keywords title not why there will be a very good ranking

2, which is the web page or page content or anchor text, such as text.

give you cut a figure, see, indeed, when following said also to say, ha ha.

first, want a keyword ranking, then the title and description are sure it is, so as to get a stable ranking, we all know this, but you may ignore the front page keywords and page column, click on the station if I love Shanghai you can see the following snapshot on the site of a Harbin website optimization keywords, although he has no anchor text, but he is written out accurate, not "Harbin website optimization company" this form, nor "Harbin network" this form, write out his straightforward, so to search engine trust greatly this shows that, if we want to make the site has a very good keywords ranking, whether the title or text should be accurate expression, so as to have To get good rankings.

again: the website column must have any related blog or website optimization program, of course, these two points, we all stood in the column, there are two website optimization and website promotion of these two columns, there are a lot of technical articles, some links.

these 4 points before the two of the biggest reason, I was following specific analysis.

look, the front is to do the promotion, I stand without any words, if this keyword must be able to show this, we all know it.


4, love Shanghai algorithm adjustment, temporary ranking, once the adjustment is completed, ranking immediately will be gone.

1, a large number of external links, or have some keywords of the anchor text is the key.

3 of the website, love Shanghai weight is very high, resulting in a lot of words have a very good ranking, of course is not very good in others optimization under the premise that the word is not very fire under the premise of this ranking is only temporary.

Hello, I am the actual web design, recently there has been a question, why do Harbin website optimization in Shanghai ranked very good, always on the first page of the first few, some might say, you must have the key words in the title bar, or else why would have ranked, yeah this, if there is good keywords ranking is also plausible, but no word, ranking just feels a little strange, isn’t this keyword competition is not big, also can’t, with these questions, I finally summed up the problem, now out and share with you, for we do long tail keywords and do more words are of great help.

what the problem where, through the analysis of these days, there are so few points about: