The long tail word ranking operation Forum

but a careful analysis of the word forum to do the long tail word is easier. Just do the forum approach and other site optimization is not the same as the long tail word. The general site outside the chain chain is reasonable chain reasonable, but the forum can not. The directory structure of the general site is fixed as the blog update frequency is very slow. There’s no guarantee for 365 days in the update, generally a week update two or three articles on the good. But the frequency of updates forum soon, we are unable to do within the chain can not do the recommended links, can not use character signature do rankings, even can do will soon sink to the bottom. In order to solve this problem is to take the first two programs is the best use of resources to do long tail keywords hot plate. The complete matching section of the title of the long tail keywords (without affecting the user experience under section) because is fixed and get higher weight. The forum page links and some sections in general is rarely recommended articles. The forum is very little weight. The general section rarely obtained so the weight is high. The second advantage is fast update frequency. The blog for the premise, is to establish the stability of link recommendation to our forum, often do some anchor text link recommendation, which is beneficial to the long tail keywords ranking, not fixed link ratio >

we all know that the forum is very difficult to do the long tail word ranking. Forum has complete chain is not defective in the forum. There are two perfect solution here. The two is the perfect solution for the first use of blog, with the normal link normal recommendation. Don’t use generic links (fixed links) will hurt the website user experience and increase the proportion of the template text and repetition. A lot of people are doing the station link but compared with the recommended links do not have what a significant advantage. A blog is mainly to technical articles and pseudo original soft Wen to write and we’re going to do in the embedded links. If the day fixed for different directory links if the effect is good. Build a BLOG article in the following BBS do one or two links on the line, if you do it is likely not included, this is for the text speak. Early on the bottom of the forum, this has two advantages: the first is to increase included, quickly to the directory to get second weight weight in rapid succession station. The third is the convenient operation low cost does not need to build another space. If more than a year, this time you can build the independent site two level domain name can. Independent domain name can also, but the independent domain name record. A comprehensive comparison of words or independent domain name more cost-effective because of the independent domain is better exchange Links. The domain name redirection words in about a month and a half or so all Google included general can pass. Love Shanghai generally after three month included will slowly remove. Included is generally slowly decrease, until finally a delete all. PR is unable to transfer, cannot use PR cheating. As long as the chain before the site does not fall, then your PR will never fall. PR will fall will rise depends on our operations.