Write a travel website for a high value of the original articles to springhead

first, let users for mining user power supply site. Why do I say it? Because whether professional or master themselves, their writing contents are standing on their own position were analyzed, for the user comprehensive demand may consider not very thoughtful, for example, the website main springs this trump card, the customer may in addition to outside accommodation, catering for bathing is of concern, but we tend to ignore the Overgeneralization user attention, with the love of Shanghai for the user experience more attention, the user demand is focusing on long-term development, here the author’s suggestion is devoted to a user registration section, or in order to set up a website and for the local forum, to get users to participate in, whether it is the user’s online message or discussion forum can not only enrich website content and We think the website writing ideas, so that the demand for the user to write out the original article in order to meet the needs of some users implicit than we can see, this created articles are no doubt have high value in terms of quality and user experience, the author thinks that this is love Shanghai requirements of the article have value factors agree without prior without previous consultation. If the site open submission function, such as the adoption of submission will be integral integral gift, can amount to offset part of consumption or points for gifts and so on are small ways to attract users to contribute.

second, the local mining richness to increase the content of historical and cultural monuments. Why should pay attention to local historical and cultural heritage? In fact, I think that as a kind of local tourism site, we need to put some of the long-term perspective, some narrow thoughts, such as my income is the hot spring tickets, all the main spring, the content of all around the hot springs, so quick very snobbish I think any mode of operation webmaster will sniff at, as a tourist site, we need to understand the needs of users, the feeling of the tourism is very important, such as the place for a hundred years the temple can share ancient legends about this ancient temple on the site, not only can satisfy the user’s curiosity, but also increased the fresh rich and colorful content for the website, we have a legend about Liu Xiudong at this time can make use of historical figures In effect, the site in the form of thematic display of the emperor of the great heroes of the past.

website optimization with the escalation of love Shanghai algorithm and for the user experience requirements continue to increase, both the content of the construction of the chain of Er makes a lot of Shanghai Longfeng have suffered unprecedented pressure, the chain is not only the quality, but also have recommended, why do people want to recommend their many friends site? Always complaining about the original content, for the already very high requirements for Shanghai, er, and the text also have value factors, the article is still does not meet the love of Shanghai included standard, in view of this the author as a tourist class local webmaster, that website content is the springhead.

As everyone knows