Now why love Shanghai will pay attention to the new station

users will use the search engine, it can bring what kind of effect to the user, whether it can perfectly solve the problem of the user. This is a key priority among priorities. I love Shanghai 08 years from the start attaches great importance to the user experience, love Shanghai in the emphasis on user experience that the requirements of the site, the webmaster to suppress. And from the 09 year after the owners love Shanghai bidding pressure is more serious, love Shanghai algorithm has been changed to most of the owners had to leave Shanghai for small love this platform.

2014 love Shanghai in the search engine market share proportion is 56.33%:360 in the market share of 29.24%, Sogou 14.71% market share.


Shanghai has been the search engine as everyone knows love the big boss with the cooperation and alliance with Microsoft Sogou QQ 360 love Shanghai can continue to be the dominant search engine

then the webmaster and user experience what is updated it? Is the webmaster provide user search results as everyone knows love Shanghai own answer in about ten percent other answers basically. Why is that these sites to do such things? For that love in the sea there is a place to allow more users to see your company’s own brand to generate interest, in this case Shanghai dragon was born out of this occupation.

However, when

see love Shanghai’s market share has been declining continuously and 360 from the above data, Sogou in the unceasing development. So the question is why search engines love Shanghai again and again declined three.

but love Shanghai is a commercial website, it also needs money to maintain its products, the development of its products. But it is not money to the user how to do it? So love Shanghai bidding out. After bidding it found no love Shanghai enterprises use this product in Shanghai Longfeng it did not reach its goal, and then began to stop fighting the occupation of Shanghai Longfeng make most webmaster leave love Shanghai. But at this time the strong rise of 360 and let the webmaster Sogou into the 360 and the 2 platform sogou.

love Shanghai also found that, in general the force have begun to pay more attention to the new station. "

First we need to know why


in the above I also said the search results love Shanghai’s own answer is the webmaster provide around ten percent other answers basically, now a lot of people out of love Shanghai which leads to the user experience worse, poor user experience user will naturally not with love in Shanghai. In addition to the webmaster more and more 360, Sogou in order to let the user input to the 2 platform.

2013 love Shanghai in the search engine market share proportion is 67.21%; 360 market share of 14.94% market share of 9.15%; sogou.