Let the secondary trading services to enjoy the new round of efforts to create a professional tradin

recently, 58 group’s professional second-hand trading platform around officially announced, to carry out in-depth cooperation with the global home appliances leading brand Haier, the platform for second-hand appliance transactions including disassembly, transportation, maintenance, services, allowing users to enjoy the same quality with the sale of new appliances service. But around prior to the launch of second-hand iPhone trading around products, provides the platform security, recovery, quality inspection, warranty and valuation services for users. Committed to creating a professional secondary trading platform around, is gradually restructuring the second-hand transaction experience of this thing.

"domestic demand for idle transactions has been very large. However, the specific issues that hinder the efficiency of the secondary trading professionals need to provide a platform to solve the problem, it will be a huge blue ocean, the product director Chen Lu said. According to the 58 group presented data show that the amount of secondary trading information released monthly in 58 city and Ganji two platform has more than 5 million. The mobile phone 3C products as a bridgehead, because of its quick replacement has become the highest amount of transactions under a single category. Meanwhile, the proportion of second-hand electricity transactions accounted for 15% of the overall market, the rental market has also led to the popularity of hot electricity trading.

. For second-hand Apple mobile phone trading platform self launched "around the product service. Second-hand mobile phone trading point of pain is not standardized." 58 senior vice president of the group, around CEO Huang Wei told reporters: " it is difficult to find out what sellers sell a mobile phone. The so-called old and new is very subjective, such as the degree of loss of the battery and other parts can not be seen difficult to assess, is not refurbished, into the water has not been difficult to verify these. While the platform type simple fix is to solve the problem, the heavy place, on the platform is not shy to intervene. "

therefore, around by "recovery + commission" C2B2C mode, focus on trading in commodity quality inspection work. At present, only around iPhone series of second-hand mobile phone trading business, provide on-site inspection, appraisal, consignment and platform quality assurance services for users. Apple Genius and invite Bar engineers to establish professional quality inspection division (TVC) of 51 quality inspection for iPhone mobile phone, including a 19 appearance detection, 32 functions of detection, and issued with the criteria of quality inspection report, according to the report is the most reasonable price; at the same time, with a free 30 day warranty service, for the sale of second-hand goods the consumer can get new customer service guarantee.

and all transactions demand for second-hand electric platform, around Haier will introduce a comprehensive professional resources and experience in the field of home appliance service, both buyers and sellers can choose pre inspection, disassembly, transportation and other basic services on the platform, and get the estimated price. After confirmation of the order, Haier’s professional service team will provide users with the whole process of visual quality services, to solve the new situation in the second hand in the process of dealing with the electricity market in the absence of standards to follow the embarrassing situation