Get together the electricity supplier poop sale or trigger price war Tmall brewing into

detonated brand sale mode, the customer with a number of brand discount, Dangdang also launched "sinks", become a clothing poop sale reached the field of electronic business platform.

analysts told the "daily economic news" reporter said, the electricity supplier to get together the sale is based on market demand, while domestic garment enterprises high inventory also brought tremendous business opportunities to the related company. Have been relatively calm in the famous sale online shopping market, or will usher in a price war.

get together or poop sale price war

May 7th morning, officially launched the tail collection of famous sale channels, participate in the sale of brands including ELLE, COACH, JEANSWEST, Daphne, Adidas, Nike and other brands of shoes.

according to the "daily economic news" reporter, tail collection flagship brand sample sale, price 70 percent off cap, the flash purchase mode, every 20 minutes of payment orders automatically empty the shopping cart.

analysts view, Dangdang tail collection at, the price war is difficult to avoid.

due to grasp the domestic apparel product backlog opportunity, is committed to the famous sale became the first person to eat crab really. It is reported that after the launch of the brand sale where customers shop and clothing Museum launched the famous sale, including Tmall, Jingdong, platform electricity providers are started brewing clothing poop sale channel, to enter the market for cake.

The investment adviser

circulation industry researcher Shen Zhengyuan believes that many electricity providers get together and do the sale, is to see the market demand. Because the sale of products is the brand products, quality assurance, price and discount price gap between the plus and the limited number of commodities, to attract users. Even if the user did not buy the sale of goods, also increased the potential purchasing power for other commodities. "The cost of launching this model is not high, but the potential for greater purchasing power and increased user dependency."

analysts believe that this model in the country began to hot roots, lies in the domestic apparel industry high inventory. According to China Securities statistics, as of the end of 2012, the total inventory of apparel textile sector over 70 billion yuan. "Key to inventory is still in 2013 the entire garment industry, has become the background of electronic business platform have reached the poop sale area.

for the future will have more business to join the sale market, PKU management consulting partner Tao Wensheng said that. He believes that now the electricity supplier model also tend to be similar, at the moment, we watched the poop. And this is also consistent with the current consumer attitudes, rising prices, consumers want to maximize the purchasing power of money.

brand value was kidnapped inventory

in the concept of a lot of people, the price of the product seems to represent the value of the brand to a certain extent. There is a point of view, the brand with the third party platform