Taobao released online shopping group report C2B or electricity supplier mainstream model

speed transit network on April 10th "Taobao beauty" conference held in Hangzhou, published twelve online shopping groups report, through the analysis of consumer shopping psychology and habits, to the user details of different online shopping syndrome. Zhang Yu, vice president of Alibaba, said the future electricity supplier market C2B will become mainstream.

in "universal Taobao" as the theme of the speech, Zhang Yu believes that the growth rate of the Internet and Taobao brought the rapid spread and fast corresponding closely related, "as a traditional manufacturing country, many of our stores to meet the different needs of users of wisdom."

Alibaba group vice president Zhang Yu (speed transit network plan)

Zhang Yu admitted that Taobao’s development leads to the development of many emerging industries, 2012 courier income reached 105 billion 530 million yuan, the first half of 2012 Amoy girl platform output of up to 1 billion 100 million yuan, employing up to 34431 platform. Currently, Taobao third party service providers have more than 200 thousand, is expected to reach $1 trillion in revenue in 2015.

" Taobao not only want to do an electronic business platform, we have to do more things for the community". It is reported that Taobao has created 4 million 677 thousand jobs, indirect employment opportunities for the 13 million 330 thousand.

twelve online shopping group report shows that in the twelve largest ethnic group in the "night of Amoy family and the largest people up to 22 million 832 thousand people, and the" early adopters family "at least, only 69 thousand people. The most active member of the family has 1 million 76 thousand "cut the hand", "wonderful family collection" is hierarchical, is very fond of the antique "noble", but also to collect a variety of flavors of instant noodles of the stay wire".

it is understood that the stockpile family has the most sense of crisis, every 59 pieces of goods to store shopping. Tour family is like in the absence of the case to open the Taobao SNS began to wander, they also have 5 million people. Flea is the most environmentally conscious, re-use of second-hand goods, to contribute to energy-saving emission reduction.

in addition, the "Shi Hui tribe" very careful in reckoning with 8 million 660 thousand people among the second largest ethnic group advantage. "Chowhound family is mainly gathered in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Guangdong, Beijing and other places, these 5 regions of the chowhound workers has reached 760 thousand people. (Huiyang)