Google Adsense what kind of situation will be K number

      most of the K letters received by the K account, there are "invalid clicks" clause, in the end those acts belong to "invalid click" "?

      1, point

      2, tool points (e.g. CACA)


      4, domestic IP point foreign advertising

      5, page refresh to increase the number of display

      6, inciting others to click on

      the following behavior will also be cancelled by AdSense account!

      1, the same page placed in the use of IF page display AdSense ads in 2!

      2, the same page directly into the code and the IF page display AdSense ads at the same time use!

      3, AdSense advertising popups or floating advertising page!

      4, any modification of the AdSense ad code!

      5, the page appears competitive advertising. (for example, some of the domestic competitive advertising, or advertising the same form of advertising, such as the cost of expensive).

      6, copyright issues will appear on the page, such as software, MP3, pictures, news, etc.!

      7, forced click. (is a common way to download the station)

      8, website content, website should not include the following:

      excessive profanity

      inciting violence, racial prejudice, or attacking the contents of any individual, group or organization


/ hacker hacker

      contents of illicit drugs and illicit drugs

      pornography and