American host GoDaddy help cross border electricity supplier trade growth

review of the past 2014, China’s cross-border electricity supplier transaction size is expected to be 4 trillion yuan, an increase of over 30%, accounting for more than $10% in total import and export trade. With the country’s cross-border electricity supplier favorable policies have been introduced, cross-border electricity supplier in 2015 will usher in greater room for development. Traditional small and medium-sized enterprises through the establishment of their own foreign trade website sales can be said to be a new opportunity.

foreign trade site, the need for domain names, space and web site procedures. The domain name can be defined according to their own corporate brand, the program can be produced according to the type of website function, only in the space of this need to consider the comprehensive. The site needs space to trust, a good space to ensure the good operation of the site. Foreign trade web site is the main access to overseas users, so in order to ensure the speed of access to overseas users, select the United States space is required. In recent years, the United States because of its sophisticated technology and high quality of service, becoming the first choice for SMEs to achieve cross-border electricity supplier overseas space, which is the most popular GoDaddy space.

GoDaddy is the world’s largest technical service provider, service products involved in the domain name hosting field all the basic services. As a veteran domain name host, GoDaddy users all over the world. The reason is that the GoDaddy host is the first choice for users at home and abroad to host the site, because the speed and stability of the GoDaddy as a foreign trade host is obvious to all, commitment to ensure that the online rate of 99.9%.

GoDaddy host in addition to performance, it is a high cost. Due to the small and medium enterprises in the site may have some restrictions on investment, so the price of space is very important. GoDaddy host has economic, luxury and unlimited hosting program, these three host program fully meet the needs of small and medium enterprises. The GoDaddy economical hosts to establish a single site, 100GB disk space, monthly unlimited, more free gifts, but the price is very affordable, now the discount period to buy only 12 dollars a year. If you need to build a number of small and medium sites, you can also choose GoDaddy luxury or unlimited host host program, a higher configuration, the user can enjoy half price discount. High cost.

cross-border electricity supplier in 2015 continued high growth trend is obvious, while the United States host GoDaddy hope to help domestic SMEs to achieve successful foreign trade, open up new ways of profit


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