Look at the effectiveness of e commerce see the effect

now, e-commerce is quickly developing speed ear deep into the area of sales, all kinds of basic necessities of life, whether using B2C or C2C, as long as there is a demand where there is the figure of online shopping. In particular, years ago, team cooperation, financing business moves frequently are master of electronic commerce, also do not know the future of electronic commerce billion market cake that hundreds of enterprises will lead to indigestion, exactly, or digest too fast.

announced in the BOE high-profile third round of $150 million financing, Suning Appliance Chain predators announced with IBM, CISCO and other partners to develop the electronic commerce website "Tesco" on the line, and in cooperation with Baidu, Sina and other online shopping sites, to snatch market share. In addition, there is news that the United States is also urgent to promote B2C business, and is expected to formally launched in March. Plus, Taobao Mall – electrical appliance business website, online shopping market in a time of smoke four, home appliances online shopping in addition to the traditional channels certailnly.

compared with the traditional retail industry, the competitiveness of online shopping is reflected in the terminal price. Consumers do not have to access fees, promotional fees, fees for shelves. At present, the leading enterprises have B2C and offline Retailers: there is no essential difference between the genuine licensed machine printed invoices, Quanguolianbao, national distribution, price protection, exclusive warranty, all power in the country for free shipping. Compared with the traditional home appliance sales, online sales is a drop in the bucket, however, the Internet has become a high businessmen to seize the future market, must win. Only after the smooth layout of the network channels, the size effect of the enterprise sales can be reflected.

therefore, Jingdong mall will be the 2010 sales target lock 10 billion yuan, while Suning plans within three years, occupying more than 20% of Chinese appliances online shopping market share, become the largest home appliance 3C Chinese B2C website, and set up 1000 B2C professional operations team, the suning.com built with the Internet economy and the independent operation system.

in fact, in the electronic commerce Chinese remodeling business model at the same time, consumers will be the development of the whole industry and promote the witness, whether you are a service or price butcher, as long as you can open your wallet for consumers, of course, is the big brother, alone on the mouth that is unreliable, eventually still have to see the results.