Talking about how to do well the propaganda of online store

want to better promote online shopping mall, do their own online mall propaganda, this is an old growth of the problem, let me talk about my experience since the online mall.

I think the promotion of an online mall, the first is to make their own online mall highlights. An online mall to be recognized by everyone, the most important is the online mall to have its own characteristics, people can find what it needs in your online store, users demand will naturally landing landing you want to look at the online store, you online mall will be automatically extended. Your online store is different from other sites, they will naturally want to see. Of course, a good and full online shopping mall will naturally like everyone!

second is your online store to guarantee product quality, credibility is to compare, if you are not good, others in your purchase time, found that the quality is not good, the next time will never in your purchase, you may not lose a customer. But ten eight or even more, so I personally think that strict quality control is the most important, if you can’t do it, even if you bargain maybe others will not buy, because your credit is not good, consumers do not believe it! I know such a website, the inside of the product quality is good, we can look at


third is to promote through the blog, which is a very effective way to promote. You can set up a blog in some large blog site, the click rate may be very high, can be named after his own name, so, on the one hand to promote their website, on the other hand and promote their products, with the popularity of the blog, blog marketing is more and more widely. For the mall, it should create an expert blog related fields. This is a very good method, we can try!

fourth is a multiple posts, a lot of people mentioned that the forum will think of marketing, forum listserv, or pay for a world full of post, actually not called marketing forum. Forum marketing here refers to the relevant product forums, the impact of the forum’s user behavior, the purpose of selling products. Even further, you can build a related product forum. Others search related to the product, naturally will search your online mall!

fifth is that you can send more than soft. Mall type of soft paper may be divided into two categories: consumer guidance type of soft and application skills of soft. Consumer guide kind of soft Wen mainly refers to the purchase of some of the matters needing attention, skills, etc., the application of soft Wen mainly refers to the use of some products experience and maintenance. These two categories of articles is very easy to get user acceptance, and easy to spread.

on the network mall propaganda, today to say so much, its >