Y Combinator founder entrepreneurs should have four characteristics

American science and technology incubator Y Combinator founder Paul ·

Beijing time on June 25th morning news, the U.S. technology incubator Y Combinator founder Paul · Graham (Paul Graham) TechCrunch Disrupt said at the meeting, the four qualities he will value entrepreneurs in the choice of investment targets: determination, flexibility, imagination and cynical.

Graham said he hoped that entrepreneurs are not only talented, but also have other characteristics. "There are a lot of smart people who do nothing." He said.

he hoped that the founder of the firm can have firm determination. "There are people who want to get what they want," Graham said. "They’re not going to be negative." But he also admitted that it is difficult to determine whether the other 10 minutes of determination, however, to submit to the Y Combinator incubator applications usually only have such a long interview time. "It’s hard to judge whether a person is determined for 10 minutes. We are often cheated." He said.

When it comes to flexibility, Mr Graham said he would ask entrepreneurs if they would consider a different but relevant

. If the other party refuses, that’s a bad sign. Imagination and flexibility. "We would say, ‘have you tried this, or have you thought about that?’" said Graham. "Sometimes, not only can we understand our intentions, but we can go further."

he also admired "cynical" entrepreneurs. "Startups often have to do something they don’t know about," he says. "You’re not going to want to be submissive. You want these people to understand and be willing to do something challenging."

Graham talked about Loopt founder Sam · (Altman), when he was a sophomore to apply for Y Combinator. Graham turned him down and thought he was in the freshman year, so let him come back later. But Altman did not give up. "He said, ‘I’m a sophomore, I’m coming.’" Graham recalls.

Y Combinator has shocked the entire risk investment industry, not only because of the business incubator, but also because some companies they hatch an additional SV Angel and Yuri · Milner (Yuri Milner) $150 thousand investment Start provided by Fund.