A multi commodity parity ratio fortress Chuzhan victory

Liu Qiangdong took over the shop No. 1, the first fire to burn 1 billion.

recently, shop 1 announced that it will invest $1 billion in the next three months to carry out large-scale promotions to consumers to launch high-quality low-priced goods, directed at the headquarters of the Tmall supermarket in Shanghai. It is understood that the 1 store for mass goods to carry out real-time parity and intelligent adjustment and Tmall supermarket, is cheaper than the Tmall supermarket goods, not only to achieve a single product at a lower price, but also to do full cut and other promotions after superposition, still lower than Tmall.

In fact,

, compared with rivals, online supermarket in this circle, but also a platform to play in the early.

prior to July 21st, more than the beginning of the creation of Fortress products, mainly covering eggs, milk, vegetables, meat, etc.. At the time point, the lowest hit Beijing fortress of commodity goods, as long as Beijing appear a bit more than items with cheap price, more will continue to cut prices; at the same time, users are welcome to supervise, to provide low-cost clues. Good goods are not afraid of a good price, which is more than a slogan to build fortress goods.

had nearly a month, the reporter learned from a number of points, the Battle Fortress goods still played like a raging fire, egg, milk continued selling has become the high point of the purchase of goods, which is basically consistent with the original intention of multi point. At that time, more than that, to buy more eggs, to buy more milk, which is more than a point of victory in the battle of Fort merchandise."

however, many insiders said, although the egg and milk purchase frequency is increasing, but the distance that the success in the future, there is a great distance, many will continue to continue to force the bastion of goods, the rate in the end.

it is understood that the multi point was founded in April 1, 2015, is the integration of the whole channel retail platform an online and offline category covering fresh day 100 and other daily consumer goods, combining with local large super depth, with high quality and low price, 2 hour delivery service, users hope to be able to accompany every happiness beautiful moment.

"Fortress goods will be more on the core competitiveness, but also the opponent and opened the key gap," CEO Lin Jie said, eggs and milk products price is relatively transparent and standardized, the price war is very difficult to play, but because of difficult to play, if successful can form more their reputation, own brand.