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, the State Post Bureau, Ministry of Public Security jointly interviewed the Beijing peak express is mainly responsible for

in new network on 16 February, according to the State Post Bureau website news, February 15th, Ministry of Public Security Bureau Narcotics Division, the national post market supervision in Hubei Yichang full peak express Yidu branch is responsible for the delivery channels for trafficking in drug trafficking cases in the Beijing full peak express limited liability company (peak Express headquarters) is mainly responsible for a joint interview.

Ministry of public security Narcotics Bureau informed the case, on the implementation of the main responsibility of the enterprise, to strengthen the education and training of employees and strict security measures and other aspects of the proposed clear requirements. The State Post Bureau informed the relevant investigation and treatment results of Hubei Yichang full peak express business for rectification 30 days, reiterated the "People’s Republic of China postal law", "postal industry safety supervision and management measures" and nine departments "on the strengthening of mail, express mail delivery safety management of a number of opinions" (General Office in 2014 No. 24) and other relevant provisions, requiring full peak express network case draw profound lessons, giving top priority, take effective measures to earnestly strengthen the internal management of enterprises, strictly implement the system of security measures to prevent such incidents from happening again.

said the State Post Bureau, the next step will be to continue to strengthen cooperation with the Department of public security narcotics, always maintain a crackdown on the use of delivery channels to engage in illegal and criminal activities, strengthen the delivery channel security supervision, and promote the sustained and healthy development of the industry.