Make a friend from 15 years old to 21 year old Wangzhuan experience sharing

also do not know how to enter the forum ~ ~ very familiar with the depressed 888.NET remember very early time is probably 6 years ago. Your contact call Wangzhuan such a thing of course I still don’t understand why do Wangzhuan abroad also has a name called make money on the web *


did not understand why cheating is called EMU (do not know now you still need the word) predecessors words to explain here I thank you ~

simple talk about their own experiences no other meaning to all the seniority shallow friends a lessons of patience do Wangzhuan forum has made the old man’s brother as a report but here, thank you for all you do Wangzhuan friends to me once you have the wisdom of thought for a long time, although I do not have 3 years but Wangzhuan Wangzhuan (04-07) experience has helped me grow up, and make a progress in the field to Beijing to work in the social survival and children can have their own space, so I wish all love health happy family fortune (do not say you YY


entered the

opening is too long!

"the world all profits go to" my 15 year old brother contact Wangzhuan, not for anything else just for money, although the family was good and he is still in school, but do not know why the word so Wangzhuan magic, let me have no appetite, in the children of the same age I still time to worship XX star I every day is thinking of doing the apprentice or hydrostatic have the chance to witness a very NB WSWSWSS (ID Forum) adaiah, psychological definition of 15 year old called "rebellious period" general explanation is this: the child of this age if serious rebellion generally has two consequences: A is not to become a big shot, B future prison.

to tell the truth I really rebellious, but today it seems that AB is not suitable for me, because I am looking for my C a life defined by others a person not to be bound life, so the 15 year I chose to drop out at 1 for the simple reason that schools learn nothing with the flow of the three 2 even if the high school class talent also admitted not unless the devil to Qinghua University but I’m not the kind of child.

later I became age the alien in the burden of the parents, but my own mental existence and hope this hope gave me endless confidence so this is me.

! I don’t know you will not for "the two words" lost Wangzhuan normal life now, normal intercourse, family and the most lovely!!!

In fact,

is one such person when you are interested in something, even obsession, you may abandon everything to pursue him, though just a bubble or real wealth, obviously I didn’t understand these things do not know.