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2015, cross-border electricity supplier ushered in the outbreak.

this week, Su ningyun chairman Zhang Jindong to Hongkong, Suning promote cross-border business electricity supplier. In his view, the development of cross-border electricity supplier in Hongkong has a natural advantage. Suning Hongkong to overseas markets, especially in Southeast Asia, to further improve the overseas procurement platform, open up cross-border shopping process."

last week, Zhang Jindong inspected the acquisition of 6 years ago, Tesco official in Japan, and said it would invest 40 billion yen Tesco official within the next 3 years, opened 50 stores in japan. In 2014, Tesco official flagship store in, also began to get involved in cross-border electricity supplier.

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Suning line provides the basis for the transition line. Suning said that in Japan, the Suning Tesco official set up overseas direct mining team, in addition, Suning in the United States, Hongkong and other regions also have self China team. Suning stores also provide users with the experience of the venue.

electricity supplier since the transformation of Suning in 2010 last year, the establishment of a cross-border electricity supplier project team, using self + investment mode into the popular cross-border electricity supplier field. Suning said that this year is one of the key layout of the overseas purchase and cross-border electricity supplier. On the one hand, Suning’s red child main cross-border electricity supplier mother, cooperate with Tesco official; on the other hand, overseas purchase on-line by the end of 2014, this year the focus of the main force, in addition to baby category, also focus on cosmetics, health products and electrical appliances.

direct mining + logistics

although hot, but cross-border electricity supplier is still facing many problems.

AI media consulting CEO Zhang Yi believes that cross-border difficulties are mainly concentrated in three areas. "First, products are mainly concentrated in food and daily necessities, it is easy to fake; second, the logistics time required for long period; third, cross-border electronic business platform, dragons and fishes jumbled together." In addition, the problem of homogenization and cross-border payment of goods, cross-border electricity providers are around the pain points.

Chinese electronic commerce center director Cao Lei said that cross-border electricity supplier to take the goods channel mainly has two aspects, one is the brand authorization, two overseas agents or China authorized dealers, currently on the market are mostly the latter.

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, Suning in Japan, the United States, Hongkong has 3 overseas companies, to local manufacturers, retailers and direct purchase; in addition, overseas brands, authorized operators settled Su Ninghai purchased goods can be sent to the platform, Suning bonded warehouse or directly from overseas direct mail. In the course of the settled, Suning brand qualification audit, and with overseas merchants agreed genuine protection.

among them, the quality of direct sourcing is more secure. In addition to the quality of goods, logistics is also a cross-border business must overcome the difficulties. Suning COO Hou Enlong has pointed out that the current cross-border electricity supplier timeliness is very low, such as the United States of goods, may be 8 days or even 10 days to." He said that Suning has its own procurement system in the United States, customs clearance and customs clearance are completed by Suning, time can be compressed to