Tian Ying interpretation of the company statement on the domain name tianyaclub

        [editor’s note according to the hope that the relevant people in peace mood to read, others do not come in to join the fun, nothing good. Another suggestion, not for this "Tianya ShuoWenJieZi" and then what reply to something of a statement is not necessary. If so, it’s too much for me. Have leisure, fast propaganda tianya.cn, now ranking is still more than 28000, even after the ride is much less than zhiji.com. Quotation for italics.



          * * * it is me, the ID card is the name, but there is no "claiming to be my company’s former employees", which is a boring guy plus.     a year ago, it was said that there is no Tian Ying [Tian Ying] this person. Official statement now. Tian Ying was a real person, at least now, two days not still alive.

      "malicious slander Tianya high reputation", said this person is not clear, can not find the words, I finally in the figure of a word, that is "fired". Please refer to the text contained in www.online.hi.cn. "Fired" is not a vicious slander, which lawyers dare to say that this is the destruction of words. It’s so boring. This word should be sensitive to the boss himself. I’m really disappointed. So vain, irren ist menschlich? He fired too many people, can not think of their past was. Actually, it’s nothing. People are not as noble as CEOs, most people are not fried to be fried, and finally in order to survive, but also to forget the past, continue to work. In fact, the total did not have been Xing Xing [especially more words are inappropriate,], just think so talented people, is simply a hot commodity, who is willing to fry. I’m just trying to be a manager. Frankly, I can’t do this, that’s why I can’t be a leader. But it was always a total of three feet jump, but also to move out Comrade Yu Guofu issued a lawyer statement". Alas, sigh, the lawyer business and our network business, hard to do.!!