Betta live or plans to raise 145 million to expand the field of game live

[TechWeb] February 21st news, after the direct broadcast industry has gradually stabilized, the industry will usher in a more intense competition. In the industry has always been low-key before the betta live has recently been exposed the big news, Bloomberg today quoted informed sources said that negotiations with investors is Betta live, plans to raise 1 billion yuan ($145 million), for the company’s valuation of about $1 billion 200 million.


can be said to have been in the game, Betta live live in a leading position in the industry, live in gaming, games, and gradually formed the situation of three-in-one, Betta first to seize the opportunities, but the broadcast industry has a lot of chaos in the development, Betta live content management, there is not a small problem. Among them, in July 2016, the Ministry of culture announced the first batch of Internet performance blacklist, according to the law to investigate and deal with the 23 network culture business units of a total of 26 network performance platform. To provide with advocating obscenity, violence, abetting crime and harm the social morality and other illegal content Wuhan Betta Network Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai panda mutual entertainment culture such as broadcast platform to investigate.

Prior to

, the introduction of Betta live a "Betta TV system on-line live points illegal management methods" to carry out autonomous announcement. However, these did not prevent some problems, its signing anchor frequently exposed from content.

last August, they announced the completion of the C round of financing 1 billion 500 million yuan, and the Tencent led by Phoenix capital. According to official data released in March last year, fish showed Betta 15 million daily active users, the number of monthly active users is 200 million, the highest number of online at the same time is 4 million, the average number of rooms more than 2000 live. At present, the matter did not respond to the fish. (Bodhi)