Storm technology today landing gem opened 9 43 yuan higher than the issue price rises 32%

today, Beijing storm Polytron Technologies Inc landed on the Shenzhen stock exchange gem, stock name for storm technology, code 300431. Opening price of 9.43 yuan, an increase of more than the issue price of $32%.

storm technology was founded in January 2007, currently employs 600. Company storm video series software, including storm PC, APP and video browser. In addition, the company released a virtual reality product storm mirror second generation mobile phone products and supporting the application of APP in December 2014.

this is the storm technology ipo. New shares issued 30 million shares, the issue price of $7.14, the issue price earnings ratio of 22.97. Prior to the listing of the purchase, the initial subscription number of its online issue reached 655.55 times, a record since the gem launched in 2009 the highest since.

and storm technology listed on the road is not smooth. After the initial venture capital investment in IDG and other Internet companies, like storm VIE framework to seek U.S. listing. The 2010 storm restructuring, capital of $exit, the introduction of HUAWEI investment, stone investment and other domestic capital, listed domestic direction. During this period, the storm also from the video player, the transition to become an online video platform.

8 years after the establishment of the company, storm technology listed on the gem. Storm technology CEO Feng Xin said the storm from overseas to domestic market, capital, brands and users no longer fragmented. Shareholders IDG capital founding partner Xiong Xiaoge said at the opening ceremony, is very pleased to see Internet companies in the domestic market.

storm technology prospectus, the company in 2014 operating income of 386 million 205 thousand and 800 yuan, representing an increase of $18.92% in 2013. 2014 net profit of 41 million 854 thousand and 900 yuan, representing an increase of $8.61% in 2013.