Taobao to tighten the shopping guide website interface the beautiful said they had a good time


human nature is lazy, that is to say, most people have more or less lazy side, which is not so much as the shortcomings of human nature. Laziness is not good, but it can not be denied that because of laziness, to promote the birth of a number of technological innovation and invention, in order to meet people’s laziness, such as washing machines, dishwashers, etc.. These inventions if at the end of the Qing Dynasty westernization movement when the diehards of the words "wanton skills" corrupt Chinese industrious and hard-working spirit.

today, the Internet is actually a kind of "wanton skills", it satisfies people without rushing through labor, easy access to information for all kinds of lazy behavior and working life. The electricity supplier shopping guide and mobile Internet shopping guide type applications, but also to further promote this lazy behavior. Because the use of such applications (APP) in a way you can more easily find their favorite things, but this is exactly what you need?

why electricity providers and shopping guide

for many reasons, such as Taobao as the representative of the traditional business, because of the commodity and the mass content of complex functions, has been unable to meet the needs of individual people, causing the user to find more suitable for online shopping to form their own habits or preferences. With the development of the mobile Internet, the traditional electricity supplier, although soon also designed their own APP (such as Taobao), but initially designed and unsatisfactory, so to provide a chance to buy class APP. As a representative of a group of beautiful shopping guide application for different groups of people, the design of targeted products, optimize the user experience, which has been a good development.

secondly, the shopping guide class applications in addition to the vertical subdivision of the user, the introduction of more suitable for a class of people outside the commodity, but also refined their own characteristics, to explore and meet the needs of the target user’s inner needs. Beautiful said, in the form of shopping to share the community, not only more convenient to meet the desire of female users and to meet their desire to buy (out of the baby to share the sun to others). Later pocket shopping will be positioned in the smart shopping software, hoping to be able to calculate the user’s preferences, precise push, which will further develop the user lazy habits.

moreover, in addition to the user sought after, business support is also a key factor in the success of shopping guide type applications. Or Taobao, for example, a large number of Taobao merchants in only a few shops can get considerable traffic, 95% or more of the Taobao shopkeeper can not be seen by the user. Due to the long tail effect caused by a large number of Taobao stores into the flow of long-term hunger and thirst, and shopping guide class applications will undoubtedly provide a solution to this flow of hunger.

shows that the type of shopping guide application is indeed just a need, because it can better meet people’s pursuit of convenient life. However, due to the major electricity supplier on the importance of shopping guide and WeChat’s growth, the rules of the game are changing.

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